<3 Meeting One Direction <3

Hello Im Madison Leigh Benter... <3 I like Little Mix and One Direction. This is the first story i have written. Please like it! (Sorry for the short paragraph the story will me longer I promise) <3


8. The End

(Around five monthes had passed since the photoshoot and meeting Harry.) "I love you" he said smiling and looking down on my face. "I love you, too." I said back happy to be with him. We had started dating around four monthes ago. I have went to every photoshoot, signing, rehearsal, concert, and music video One Direction has had since I met them. After awhile Harry started having some feelings for me and I had some feelings for him, too. So one night he was talking to me asking if we could be more than friends. I was startled so I acted really stupid and said "mega best friends?" He laughed and said "more than mega best friends." I told him that I understood and I agreed to being more than mega best friends. We havent said that we are dating we just know it. My name has been on many magazines, rumors, and tv. Everyone thinks that I am Harry's new girlfriend. My mom, friends, and family from home have called me questioning who this kid was. I always told them the perfect guy named Harry. Now I'm used to One Direction calling me telling me to get ready in 30 seconds because they were picking me up for a rehearsal or something. I jump in the car and sit next to Harry every time. I trusted everyone in One Direction now and they trusted me to. In the car we joke around, laugh, tell storys, and the most fun we sing! We sing as loud as we can in the car and its random stuff like Dont Worry Be Happy by Bob Marley. They love to hang out with me and I love to hang out with them. Harry was only my second boyfriend but he is the first boyfriend that I can act myself in front of. He doesnt care if I act weird or anything else. I cant see the end of our relationship. Harry suprised me on Christmas because I had took a plane home to be with my family. But as I woke up in the morning Harry was sitting on the couch downstairs waiting for me to wake up. He spent all day there with my family. They loved him so much that they wouldnt let me talk to him at all. My little cousins were so happy that they were crying. When Christmas was over Harry said he wouldnt mind driving me all the way back to London. He said it would be cheaper than taking a plane. My mom agreed that I should go with him and we drove back to London laughing all the way. After spending more time with Harry I decided that he should move in with me so he did. Now we live together happy and I love him so much. We have confirmed that we are dating and everyone doesnt mind. (Now) I woke up and put on my robe and slippers before walking out to the kitchen to see Harry making pancakes. I just sat down at the table. He got done making them and brought them to the table. We each had two pancakes and were full. "I need to ask you something, Nicole" he said nonchalatly. "Yes?" He got up from the table and kneeled next to my chair and looked up at me with beautiful eyes and said "Nicole I love you and I cant imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. Will you marry me, Nicole?"   THE END <3

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