<3 Meeting One Direction <3

Hello Im Madison Leigh Benter... <3 I like Little Mix and One Direction. This is the first story i have written. Please like it! (Sorry for the short paragraph the story will me longer I promise) <3


7. Photoshoot

When we were all in the car they started singing Shes Not Afraid. I hadent heard it before but after hearing them sing I thought about buying their album on Itunes when I got home. Then they sang some other songs like They Dont Know About Us and Little Things. When they got done singing the last song we had arrived at this big building. When we were heading in a guy with big muscles stood in front of me and asked "who is she?" Harry grabbed my hand and said "her name is Nicole and she is with me Paul its all right for her to come to the photoshoot with us." Paul looked at me for a few seconds and said "she doesnt look deadly or anything so I geuss she can go in with you guys." I walked into the room and was blown away to see that Justin Bieber was in there with One Direction. But he was in his own photoshoot so I decided not to bug him. I sat down and watched One Direction pose. In my own opinion I thought Zayn was the biggest poser. But Harry smiled in every picture which I loved. After a few hours it was all done and soon their faces would be on a lot of posters.

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