<3 Meeting One Direction <3

Hello Im Madison Leigh Benter... <3 I like Little Mix and One Direction. This is the first story i have written. Please like it! (Sorry for the short paragraph the story will me longer I promise) <3


5. One Direction

How about a cup of tea?" asked Harry. "I'm fine. thanks" I replied still stunned. Harry stared at my face for awhile and then said "come on Nicole stop being such a buzz kill." We both laughed and then looked into each others eyes for around two minutes until Harry interrupted the silence. (Of course not much silence since there was  hundreds of screaming fans outside.) "We need to go get your stuff from your car, if you want we can do it now or later its all up to you." I thought about for a few seconds and said "I would like to go now but we wouldnt be able to get to your car with all of those fans outside." Harry thought and thought. "How about this, if you hold my hand I will get through everyone and you just have to follow me." He said smiling. I couldnt turn down that smile so I said "great idea." When really I was thinking that this plan would never work. When we both got out of bed we walked into the kitchen and saw Niall eating amost everything he could find, Liam was telling him not to eat so much, Zayn was fixing his hair in a mirror at the corner of the room, and Louis was playing a maze game that was on the other side of a Taco's cereal box. Until I walked in and they all stopped what they were doing to look at me and say "Good morning Nicole" all at the same time. "Um guys I am going to take the car out to get all of her stuff for her, okay?" said Harry "Sure but be save" replied Liam. Me and Harry walked outside to see hundreds of fans and a lot of people with cameras. He grabbed my hand and we started walking through all of the people ignoring all of the questions that they asked. Until we finally got to the car and hopped in.




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