<3 Meeting One Direction <3

Hello Im Madison Leigh Benter... <3 I like Little Mix and One Direction. This is the first story i have written. Please like it! (Sorry for the short paragraph the story will me longer I promise) <3


6. Moving In

On our way back to my car we stopped at a gass station but as we were getting out of the car a bunch of people surrounded us. They kept asking questions like "are you guys dating?" or "how long has this relationship been going on?" He ignored them and grabbed my hand again. We walked into the store and bought some coffee avoiding the fact that there was hundreds of people watching our every move. He never let go of my hand through out the store. As we were walking out people started taking more pictures. We just walked to his car.We got in and drove to my car. After I got all of my stuff and put it in Harry's car I said that it was time for him to take me home. He looked at me and said "okay I will take you home but I am not just leaving you there to move in alone, I must come in with you and help you move into your new home." I looked at him and smiled "okay you can help but dont break anything." He giggled and he picked up his phone and dialed a number. Harry was talking in too low of a volume for me to hear. Then he hung up and smirked at me. "What did you do, Harry?" I asked. "You will see soon enough..." Harry replied. We pulled into my drive-way to see four other guys standing at the door. It was Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis! They ran over to the car and took out all the bags and boxes. I really only trusted Harry but I gave my house key to Liam anyways because he seemed like the smart one out of the four guys. The four guys had managed to grab all the boxes and bring them inside. The only things that were in the house were a stove, refridgerater, sink, bathroom, used bed, and couch. They ran into the bedroom and put the box that said bedroom in there. And put everything else where it all belonged. Everyone looked around and Louis says "Nice place you got here and we would love to stay but we have a photoshoot." Harry's smile turned to a frown. "Will you come with us to the photoshoot?" I tought about it for a second." Well I need to unpack my bags and tidy up my new house but the photoshoot sounds like much more fun." I said with a smile. "ROADTRIP!!!!!!!" yelled all 5 guys. I laughed then followed them out of my house and locked my door before getting in the car with them.

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