<3 Meeting One Direction <3

Hello Im Madison Leigh Benter... <3 I like Little Mix and One Direction. This is the first story i have written. Please like it! (Sorry for the short paragraph the story will me longer I promise) <3


3. Harry

"Your not gonna jack me are you?" I said when he got out of the car with 4 other guys. "No" He said smiling one of those perfect smiles. "What happened?" asked a blonde haired one with an Irish accent. "I'm not really sure I geuss..... it just kinda shut off" I replied. "The battery probably died" said one with short almost shaved hair. "How about we give her a ride." said Harry with a smirk. "Would you mind giving her a ride Louis?" asked a guy with black hair. "I dont care." replied Louis. Everyone started getting in the car but Harry kinda waited until itwas my turn to get in so that he could sit next to me. "How about we tell you our names." said Harry once we were all in the car. "I'm Zayn" said the one with black hair. "I'm Louis" said the driver of the car. "I'm Niall" said the blonde, Irish one. "I'm Liam" said the one with kinda shaved hair. "And I'm Harry" Harry said smiling. "Well nice to meet you Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry" I said. I started giving Louis directions to my house but Harry stopped me and said "Wait we arent going to your house, Nicole." I looked at him puzzled... "Whatdo you mean" I questioned. "First you forgot your stuff in your car so you cant go home if you dont have your stuff. Second you need someone to drive back to the car with you in the morning to get all of your stuff and I would love to be able to do that for you." I blushed a bit and said "okay but who's bed will I sleep in?" "We have a geust bedro-" Louis started. "But you can sleep in my bed" Harry finished.

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