Take Me Home

Michelle, a new University student, meets Zayn Malik and all of the other boys of One Direction, at her new school. She spends lots of time with them, getting to know each of them, but falling for only one. Although, it seems someone else has fallen for Michelle and she finds herself caught in this love triangle.


4. Those Eyes…


       I arrived with little time to spare, and sat in the first empty seat I spotted.  Once I sat down and situated myself, I turned beside me only to see the most amazing brown eyes I had ever witnessed in all 18 years of my life.  The deep, dark, dreamy color of his eyes swallowed me whole only to leave me staring uncontrollably. He must have noticed my stare, because after what seemed like hours, he began to introduce himself. “Hello, I’m Zayn, Zayn Malik”. His voice was just how I could have imagined it: mysterious, yet so familiar at the same time. I managed to pull myself together, and as he ran his fingers through his beautiful dark hair, I was able to nervously to tell him my name. “I’m Michelle”. That’s all I had time to say, and the prof began to speak. 

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