Take Me Home

Michelle, a new University student, meets Zayn Malik and all of the other boys of One Direction, at her new school. She spends lots of time with them, getting to know each of them, but falling for only one. Although, it seems someone else has fallen for Michelle and she finds herself caught in this love triangle.


3. The First Day


       It wasn’t before long when my alarm was waking me up the next morning at 7:00am. I jumped out of bed not wanting to miss a minute of needed time getting ready and finding my way to all my classes.  Just as I had showered and gotten ready, Olivia was entering our room asking me what my first class was. I was excited that she was showing at least some interest in the person she would be spending the next 8 months with. I answered with a friendly smile, and said “Intro to Psychology”.  This was the class I was most looking forward to, as I had hopes of majoring in psychology one day.  Olivia managed to give out a little smile, but looked down at her schedule a bit disappointed, and said that her first class was Art.  Well I guess we would have to go our separate ways and meet some more new people in this school full of scholars. I smiled back at her and wished her luck with her day. She did the same and told me she would see me back at the room sometime later on.   I was impressed with how far along Olivia was coming since yesterday, and decided that I would like to get to know her some more, I thought to myself that we could become great friends. With that, I headed to Psychology, not knowing what was in store. 

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