Take Me Home

Michelle, a new University student, meets Zayn Malik and all of the other boys of One Direction, at her new school. She spends lots of time with them, getting to know each of them, but falling for only one. Although, it seems someone else has fallen for Michelle and she finds herself caught in this love triangle.


2. Moving In

       I had just finished saying goodbye to my parents after a long day of moving my many boxes of stuff into my dorm room. It was small, but it was confortable at the same time. I had met my roommate, Olivia, who seemed normal at least. She was polite and very shy, but I was sure we would warm up to each other once the first term started.  I started to unpack all of the boxes, excited for my first day of classes tomorrow. As I put everything into its place, I wondered what tomorrow would bring. Who would I meet? Would I like my professors? I hope I can find my way around to everything. All these thoughts played heavily in my mind and I decided it was best I tried to get some sleep, as I could feel myself start to become stressed out and anxious, something that I found happening more often than not. Olivia was already lying down and we had not said much all night. I figured I would let her come around on her own terms and that I wouldn’t force anything if she was still getting used to the adjustment.  I turned off my bedside lamp and shut my eyes.

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