Take Me Home

Michelle, a new University student, meets Zayn Malik and all of the other boys of One Direction, at her new school. She spends lots of time with them, getting to know each of them, but falling for only one. Although, it seems someone else has fallen for Michelle and she finds herself caught in this love triangle.


5. Film Studies!


       After the first lecture was over, I was feeling a bit over whelmed, but also very inspired on what was to come.  As I picked up my books to head to my next class, Zayn turned to me and asked me where I was headed next. I told him I was going to building 3, to attend my film studies course.  He looked at me very intrigued, and with a smile, looked down at his schedule only to see that film studies was in fact his next class as well.  We walked there together, as we both didn’t really know anyone else. As we moved towards building 3, I would glance every so often in his direction, trying to get a glimpse of his beauty.  He was like nothing and no one that I had ever seen before. I suddenly felt safe just in his presence: like I could conquer the world.  

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