Take Me Home

Michelle, a new University student, meets Zayn Malik and all of the other boys of One Direction, at her new school. She spends lots of time with them, getting to know each of them, but falling for only one. Although, it seems someone else has fallen for Michelle and she finds herself caught in this love triangle.


6. Enough Already!

       As we found the room in which our Film Studies course would be held, we both automatically grabbed two seats together.  I was happy to have met someone that I shared a couple classes with; this would make the adjustment easier and at least reassure me I knew someone in some of my classes.  My thoughts started to wonder as the prof went on and on about a place he had once taught at and some movie he had produced there or something to that effect. I wasn’t really listening as I was looking forward to my lunch break I had after this class. I could feel my stomach start to rumble and I was hoping it would keep quiet until the lecture was over.  About thirty minutes went by, and looking around the room I could see that I was not the only one who was becoming restless.  Stretches and yawns became quite apparent within the small room, and the hazed eyes spread amongst all the students.  Finally the moment had come for the prof to end his speech, and all I could think about was food. I gathered everything into my bag, and almost rushed off forgetting about my new friend.  Just as I was getting ready to leave, I turned around offering for Zayn to join me.  Half of me felt bad picturing the possibility of him being alone at lunch, and the other half of me didnt want to leave his side.  Zayn willingly agreed, and caught up with me fairly quickly. 

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