Written in Ashes (Zayn Malik story)

Sarah doesn't like her life. At home and at school, problems follow her.

One day the one and only One Direction's Zayn Malik moves in next door.

Since that day, all the dramas will begin...

(this story's my story on wattpad.com and its completed)


3. Chapter 3

We were sitting down at the grass area at lunch time. Jess was going on and on about her old school,and how different it was.

"My parents are going to dinner today,and they won't be back for long. Wanna go somewhere?" She asked.

I wasn't quiet sure if I should go or not. "Sounds good.But I'm not sure what my parents will say" I frowned.

"Don't worry, I have a feeling that they will" She smiled.

The bell went and every one head off to class. "Meet me at the corner" Jess shouted while walking in the building.


I was looking around for Jess.Then I saw her waving.

"Are you gonna ask your mum?"

"Yeah I'll call her now" I took my phone out of my pocket and called her.



"No.I don't let you" She went on.


"No.We're going to take Abbey to the doctors.It may take a while.I need you to look after Conner.If you want you're friend can come over but you can't go!.

She shut the phone on my face.

"What did she say?" Jess asked.

"No.But she said you can come over.There's going to be my little brother only".

"Yeah.Sure" she smiled.

We both walked home together. My mum was standing in front of the door.She smiled and waved us both.

"Well hello.I'm Sarah's mum"

"I'm Jess.Nice to meet you" she smiled.

My mum,dad and Abbey went in the car. We both went inside.

Wow it was really quiet.This is unusual. Usually you'll see Conner jumping around.

I walked up the stairs and signaled Jess to follow me.We found Conner sleeping in his room.

"Yes" I whispered under my breath. It's going to be great without Conner asking billions of questions.


We sat down in the living room watching movies. We were stuffing our faces with pop corn and lollies.

"Mummy!" We heard some one call.

"I think that's Conner.Wait one second" I ran up stairs.

When i walked closer to his room there was music blasting. I saw Conner in his bed crying.

"Where's mummy?" he sobbed.

"She went to the doctors she's gonna come back" I explained.

"There's loud noises,and I can't sleep" He rubbed his eyes.

"Go sleep in my room"

"No!" he cried.

I stormed down stairs.

"What's wrong?" Jess asked.

"I need to head to the neighbours". I slammed the door and went next door.

The music was blasted and it was like the house was going to fall over with all that racket. There were people acting crazy in front of the house.They kept throwing stuff.I pushed through them and knocked on the door.There was no answer. I got my fist out and knocked harder. The boy from yesterday open the door.

"Yes?" he asked.I realised he had an Irish accent.

"I'm from next door and-"

"Oh I don't own the place" he said.

"Zayn! some one wants to see you"

This guy with dark hair and brown eyes open the door.I kind of cooled down from the anger because of is charming smile,but that won't change anything I'm still pissed at them for being to loud.

"Can you please keep the noise down my little brother is trying to sleep"

"Oh sorry" He smiled.

"would you like to come inside" he asked.

"No thanks I have to get home" I said politely.

"Bye" He waved.

I ran home and Jess had a shocked face." What happened?" she asked.

"Nothing.Just told them to turn it down"

"Okay" she nodded.

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