Written in Ashes (Zayn Malik story)

Sarah doesn't like her life. At home and at school, problems follow her.

One day the one and only One Direction's Zayn Malik moves in next door.

Since that day, all the dramas will begin...

(this story's my story on wattpad.com and its completed)


2. Chapter 2

"Get up" My sister Abbey was pull the blankets off me.

"Go away" I put the pillow on my head.

"Get up!" she shouted.

I got up and rubbed my eyes. I looked at the paintings and drawings I made. All the paintings were dry.

"Perfect" I whispered under my breath.

"Why are you so weird?" Abbey shouted.

"What do you mean" I snapped at her.

"Everyone at school is making fun of me! They're even thinking to get me out of the cheerleader club!"

"Good.I'm happy for you.I wouldn't stand one second next to Stacy Jones."

"Shut up"

"I know you can't stand her either. She's such a brat"

"At least I have friends unlike you!"

"I would rather have no friends rather than fake friends that don't even care about you".

I saw her eyes get watery. She knows that Stacy and her gang didn't want her.She always acted like a suck up to them.

She looked at me and just stormed off. I didn't want my sister to be a loser like them.

For some reason, Abbey didn't look sad. But I know she feels sad. Who wouldn't be? Some always pushing you around'not caring about you,and judging you and not excepting who you are.

I packed my bag with all my books and pencils. I went down stairs and found my family having breakfast. Conner was stuffing his face with pancakes. Abbey was eating slowly and being carefull not to smug her lip stick. Mum and Dad were chatting as usual.

"Do you want us to drop you off?" Mum asked.

"No.I'll be walking"

"Okay.Be careful" She waved.

I put my ear phones in and listened to my favorite song, Laugh 'till you cry by Faydee.


I sat in one of the desks in the corner. Not caring about anyone else. Our art teacher came in with a smile on her face.

"Everyone this is Jessica, she's Australian! Now make her fell welcome.Take a seat Jessica."

She had light brown hair almost blond and a little curly on the ends. Her skin was really pale white. She held her book tightly towards her chest. She looked really nervous. She walked down the spaces of the the desks and looked at everyone and smiled.I guess she realised that half of this class wasn't normal. She looked at me and smiled.

"Is anyone sitting here?"

I shook my head at her.

"Thanks. I'm Jessica by the way" She held out her hand for me to shake it.

"Sarah" I shook her hand.

She looked around the room bored. Then she looked down at my drawings.

"Wow did you draw that?" She asked.

"Yeah" I nodded.

"Wow! That's amazing"she sighed.

She took a glance around the classroom again. She looked over at Thomas Jepsen and he was throwing stuff at John Lee. She gave that whole "what-the-hell" face at them.

"Are they always like this?" She asked.

"Yeah that's high school!"

"My school wasn't like this"


"I went to a boarding school where they kept boys and girls separate.That's why didn't see behaviour like this"

"You're so lucky! Why did you come to a school like this?"

"I got kicked out for riding a stateboard in the school. Apparently it wasn't lady-like.That wasn't the only time. I also threw paint on the walls and played soccer outside and broke a window."

"You don't really look like those type of girls"

"I know, but what's so wrong about being me?"

"true.Well I'm being me and people don't except me this way. They want me to be like those cake-faces."

"Well they're stupid"

"I know right?"

The recess bell went and everyone rushed out.



"You're the only normal person I could hang out with.Can I sit with you?"

"Sure" I smiled.

Finally! A person who is wanting to be my friend for me not for something else.

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