Written in Ashes (Zayn Malik story)

Sarah doesn't like her life. At home and at school, problems follow her.

One day the one and only One Direction's Zayn Malik moves in next door.

Since that day, all the dramas will begin...

(this story's my story on wattpad.com and its completed)


1. Chapter 1

"Who's that" My little brother Connor whined.

" I dunno" I shrugged.

He kept sticking his head out my bedroom window and pointing.

"Connor stop pointing! You probably making them feel unwelcome." I tugged his shirt back.

"How can I make a person feel bad with my finger" He scratched his head.

"You won't get it"

"Or am I?. SUPERMAN!!!! Pew pew LAZZER! He pointed out his finger and ran out of my room.

"Moron" I mumbled.

"I heard that! I have super hearing too"

"Or your just leaning against my door"

"Yeah.....I'm going to play" He skipped down stairs.

I put my head down continuing my drawing. I couldn't really do my work because the sunshine was shining in my eyes. Plus there was new neighbours you know curiosity!

I took a peek out the window wondering what kind of family was living there. Hopefully it wasn't cranky old people then they'd probably give me death stares and glare at me when I'm going to school. Or what if they were a family that had like ten kids! I'd probably drown and maybe they'll make me look after them on the weekends NO WAY!! Anyway I don't really care. It's not like were going to be instant friends,no one is going to be my friend anyways.

Just because stupid things people say how if you study more you're weird,is just full of crap! I'm just like an ordinary teen. I go shopping listen to music and things like that. I only do things that feels 'unusual' to some people and that is I don't drink,smoke or go on drugs.

I lifted my head and saw a van. This boy with curls was carrying furniture with a blonde boy. Then there were two more boys. Wow that's awkward. And there was one more boy he had dark brown hair.Wow that's like five! They probably lived together.

I looked down at my work trying my best not to loose concentration.

"Dinners ready"Mum called from downstairs.

"I don't feel like"I called and continued doing my drawing. The only reason I did drawing wasn't because I was a nerd. It was because I wanted to get away from things. So I can concentrate on where i would rather be rather then what kind of a shit hole I'm in now.
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