My Brother, Niall Horan.

Hi! Im Cady Horan,Sister of Niall Horan. Yes the one and only.I am dateing one of his best mates,Liam. Niall and his girlfriend Meghan. Niall is on the new tour for Take Me Home. Meghan,His girlfriend is staying in The Horan Home While He is on tour. We made up this thing called The Blue Eyed Triangle Because We all Have Blue Eyes.Will The triangle ever reunite.?


5. Twitcam

                                  Meghans POV**                                                                                                          We were sitting on the couch. They left 30 minutes ago. "Im hungry" Cady Whined. "Just like Niall" I murmured. "What was that?" She asked "Nothing" I replied. Then we both started gazing at the TV. *Beep* My phone went off. It was Liam. "Huh?" I said. "What?" Cady asked. "Liam texted me and told my room" Cady said with a laugh. "Get your apple computer" I demmanded. "Kay mom." She said with a sigh. She ran upstairs. And of course came down with a phone in one hand computer in other.  Like always. I laughed. "What meg?" She asked. "Welp you always come down phone in one hand,computer in other. "Haha Very funny" She said sarcasticly. "Okay so twitcam." Her phone started ringing. C:Hey Babe! L:Hey hun why didnt you answer my calls or texts? C:I left my phone upstairs L:Welp I got you something ill mail it to you C:Thanks babe um.We are started our twittcam in a min. L:Kay babe ill be watching Love you! C:Love you byeee "Lets do this!" Cady said "Dooo itttt" I said.  

                                         Cadys POV**

"Hello People!" I said "Any questions for Me or Cady?'' Meghan asked. "Meghan where did you and Niall Meet?" I said,then looked at meghan. "Well I moved here.Niall um..5th grade.First thing Niall said was "Hello,Like the food here?" And ya we were bestfriends" Meghan said. "Cady,How is it being the sister of the one and only Niall Horan?" I said "Well,when they got third,I was mad but know they are big,Fame is hard everybody, Just to let you know." After about an hour of anserwing questions we were done!                    

A/N: Sorry bout' short chapter! I started it last night.Finished it lol.I will write a chapter in a minute Xx Beautifuls                                                                                                                   

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