My Brother, Niall Horan.

Hi! Im Cady Horan,Sister of Niall Horan. Yes the one and only.I am dateing one of his best mates,Liam. Niall and his girlfriend Meghan. Niall is on the new tour for Take Me Home. Meghan,His girlfriend is staying in The Horan Home While He is on tour. We made up this thing called The Blue Eyed Triangle Because We all Have Blue Eyes.Will The triangle ever reunite.?


2. The rest of the Day!.

                                          Cadys POV            

   The movie ended it is 6:30. Liam got up and took my hand. "We are going to shop!" Liam said "Can we come?" Niall said "Sure we are going to the mall,so we can split up or stay togather." Li said. "We probably need to stay together Fans." Meghan said. "Good thinking babe" Niall said Pecking Meghan on the cheek. "Lets go" Liam said.We walked out of my parents house. We all went into Liams Corvette. 4 Door. I helped him pick it out. Liam got in the drivers seat i got in the passengers. Ni and Meghan got in the back. "How about me and Cady Lady go shop by ourselves." Meghan said "Heack to the no." Liam said. "Ya babe,fans might bash you." Niall said "Okay,we will just drag you into forever 21,and all our other stores." anything for my girls safty" Liam said. while taking my hand holding it. "I love you Meghan" I heard Niall say. " we have been togather for 3 years." He said. Then we pulled up to the mall.  I opend the door. We all got out. "Where to first?" Niall asked.

                                         Nialls pov**                                                                                                      "Lets go to Jack Willis Men and Woman Store" Cady said "Me and you are too  much alike sis" I said. Shes 18 1 year younger.  We started walking and i took Meghans Hand. So the fans wouldnt grab her. "NIALL!" Girls screemed "LIAM!!" Other ones screemed. We walked in where it was less hecktic. "There is JW Store!" Meghan said. We walked in. "Good eye" Cady said. Her and Liam,were holding hands. We walked into the store. We Split up couple with couple.  Then we shoped. I found this hoodie it was Purple. It said JW On it. We  met up at the counter. I was the only one who found something.

                                                Liams POV.                                                                                                         65 pounds please" The cashier said. Niall paid. Oh great. Forever 21 was right there. "Lets go boys" they both said. Me and Niall shrugged. "Come on" They yelled. We walked in they both looked around.For like an hour.They both bought Dresses. "Well lets leave,." Niall said. We all walked out to his car. "Thanks for taking us boys" Meghan said "Ya thanks" Cady said. "Welcome" I said. 

                *Skip car ride*                                                                                                                      We arived at the Horan home. We all walked in. It was empty they were on vaycation. I was sleeping in Cadys room she had two king beds. "Well im tired" Meghan said. "Mee too" Niall said. "Goodnight guys" 

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