My Brother, Niall Horan.

Hi! Im Cady Horan,Sister of Niall Horan. Yes the one and only.I am dateing one of his best mates,Liam. Niall and his girlfriend Meghan. Niall is on the new tour for Take Me Home. Meghan,His girlfriend is staying in The Horan Home While He is on tour. We made up this thing called The Blue Eyed Triangle Because We all Have Blue Eyes.Will The triangle ever reunite.?


3. Morning.

                                                           Liams POV                                                                                                  We were watching the first Toy Story. But Cady fell asleep. So im carring her upstairs. Now im at her room and i layed her down. "tanks Liam" she murmurd in her Irish accent. So i went to the other bed.

                                    Cadys POV                                                                                                                               I woke up and looking around the room. "Liam." I said. Because i saw he was doing a twittcam. "Hold on everybody" He said "What babe?" He said sitting on the bed beside me. Why are you doing a twittcam at 6 in the morning babe?" I said "We have to leave at 10" He said. "I forgot you had to leave,im going to miss you babe" I said frowning. "Babe it will be okay.Ill skype you Me and Ni" He said " Okay" i said "GO back to twittcam" I said "Going to take a showwer." I said                                             

                                      MeghansPOV                                                                                                                     *After she got in the showwer*                                                                                                                           I woke up to the sound of water running. "Niall!!!!" I screamed. Dang He is a deep sleeper. "NIALL!!" I screamed. His eyes flutterd open. "WHAT?!" He yelled. "Nothing Just wake up babe" I said "You are leaving today" I said "I know" He said. Lets see if my sister is awake!" He said. Then we walked hand in hand down the hallway. We knocked on the door. "Come in" Liam said. We walked in and saw Liam doing a Twittcam. "Guys Meghan and Niall just walked in. You cant see them they just woke up." "So Cadys in the showwer?" i said. "Yes. Did you hear that people Cadys in the showwer,Wait heres the breakdown" Liam started dancing.Goodness that boy.Niall just started laughing. "Babe lets go get brekfast and wait for Cady to get out of the showwer." He said We walked down stairs. Niall Started TRYING to make pancakes. "Niall no." I said getting up. "Shoo" I said.He laughed and went to sit down "Aww look at my princess." "Shut it Horan" i said. Then i heard someone walking down the stairs. "Hi guys!" Cady said.She was in the dress she bought yesterday. It was Baby blue knee high Kinda lacey. "Bootiifull" Niall said "Love you ni!" she said. Then we heard more footsteps..Liam. "Hey babe" Cady said. Of course he is ready he was doing a twittcam. "Hey boo" He said. "Now plans for today before ten?" i said. It is 6:30 now. "Well no.Not really its an inside day we are leaving just us" Liam said.He grabbed Cadys hand and Kissed her. I finnished makeing pancakes "Thats how its done Horan." I said. We all ate. ME and Niall both went to take showwers.

                                      Cadys POV                                                                                                          "So Liam wanna Watch a movie." I said "Sure babe" He said "Lets go" He said grabbing my hand. "Piggy Back ride" I said "Kay Babe" He said then he ran around doing "dunnunnnuunu BATMAN!!" I kept giggling "Liam!" I kept saying then he slipped and we toppled over on each other. I kept laughing "You okay babe?" Liam asked. I couldnt answer i was laughing to much. "Your laugh is just like Nialls" HE said. Then Niall and Meghan came in hand in hand. It was like 7;30 now. Me and Liam moved to the coach. "2 hours and 30 minutes." I said.Almost to tears. "Dont talk about it Sis" Niall said " How can i not my boyfriend And my brother are leaving." I said. "But im staying" Meghan said."What noone told me Meghan was staying" I was so siked! "Are you okay now" "I will be" I said. "ni its your turn to pick a movie Li did last time" I said. "Paranormal Activity 2" He said. HE Knows i HATE that movie. "NOOOO!" Me and Meghan said. But he alredy had it in. I felt strong arms around me "I have you" He whisperd. We watched the movie everytime there was a scarry part Me and Meghan would hime in our boyfriends chests. At the end of the movie it was 9;30. "We  have to leave" Niall said comming down with his suite case followed by Liam. they walked outside put there stuff in the car. "Bye Niall Love you brotha" I said. "Bye Liam I love you Text me everyday." I said I then kissed Liam. "I love you too." 

                   Meghan POV                                                                                                                               "Bye Liam" I said hugging him. "Bye Niall i Love you soo much" I said " i love you more babe" We kissed then he was out the door.

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