My Brother, Niall Horan.

Hi! Im Cady Horan,Sister of Niall Horan. Yes the one and only.I am dateing one of his best mates,Liam. Niall and his girlfriend Meghan. Niall is on the new tour for Take Me Home. Meghan,His girlfriend is staying in The Horan Home While He is on tour. We made up this thing called The Blue Eyed Triangle Because We all Have Blue Eyes.Will The triangle ever reunite.?


4. Boys,Gone,Alone.

                                                   AN/ Hey Beautifuls um,im trying to make it seem as if they are irish and of course Liam British,like use the words : Jummper rubbish: Stuff like that but its hard ya know so sorry if it seems they say amarican things.Lol. So ya im trying my best! 

                                               Meghans Point of view                                                                                    The boys left."Im going to put on my Jumper,wanna go to Nandos?" I asked. "Ya of course" she exclaimed. She already had her jumper on. So i walked upstairs,thats when i saw Niall left a bag typical Niall. "Cady!" I yelled. "What?" she yelled i think from the kitchen. "Come here!" I yelled. Then i heard footsteps. "What?" She asked. "Niall left his bag." I stated. "Umm whats in it?" She said a little worried. I opend the bag."Hair stuff" I said. "Eh he can buy that again" She said with a laugh. "Lets go your driving." She stated. We drove to nandos and heard  LWWY come on. "Okay! Here babe" I said With a smile. We walked in and i was gob smacked,It was closed. "Really this is Rubbish." Cady stated. So we drove back home. We stopped at the supermarket. We got eggs. "Why did we get eggs?" Cady asked. "Wow.We are going egging!" I exclaimed. "yessssss" She said with a grin. We walked into the house. "Okay here is the plan we leave the car.When we are done throwwing we run home stay on this block. " I explained. "Alright lets go!" She said Happily.We ran to the first house 2 story. "Lets go" I whisperd. We started throwing eggs everyware. Then we heard running we ran. Fast. We made it back home. "That was so baltic" She said brething hevily. "I know" I stated. We caught our breath. "Awww lets wach the wiam movie" I said acting like a baby kidding around. "Stop before i deck you" she said with a serious face. We both started cracking up. She was laughing so hard she fell of her chair. "Are you ahir?" I asked her. "Ya" She stated. "What now?" I asked. "Its boring without the boys'' She said "Cant they skype from the private jet?" I asked.   She ran upstairs to get her computer. She came with the computer in one hand and Iphone in th other. Niall bought us both Iphones for Christmas. And of course Liam gave her the computer."Okay i texted Liam and Ni" She said. Then She logged in on Skype. Liam was on. "Ready?" she asked "Yes" I exclaimed. She clicked Call. They answerd."Hi Niall Hi Liam" She said. "Hello Babe" Liam said. "Hey!" She exclaimed. "What have you two been doing?" Me and Cady exchanged looks. "Ya know,egged a house" She mumbled. "Really was it baltic?" Niall asked. "You and Cady are too much alike." I said. "Yea it was so hows it going?" i asked. "Well weve  been on the jet" "SUPERMAAANNN" We heard in the background. "Lou quit we are skyping,Harry put cloths on" Liam said. "Daddy Direction Take controll" Cady said "Sorry bout this hold on" He said. "Put cloths on Lou take this cape of.Zayn wheres Zayn?" "Sleeping" I heard Louis say. "Niall how long till you get there?" Cady asked. "About,3 hours its only 11." He said. "When you get there it will be like 7 pm or 8" I sated. Liam came back. "Paul said we have to go" Liam said "Bye love you guys" We both said. "Text us!" Cady said then they were gone. My phone emedetly went off. 

Nialler <3:Hey babe I miss you already Xx

To Niall: I miss you too babe. xx       

Nialler <3: grr. Paul is stupid,We have to put our phones up love you Xx

end of convo.



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