My Brother, Niall Horan.

Hi! Im Cady Horan,Sister of Niall Horan. Yes the one and only.I am dateing one of his best mates,Liam. Niall and his girlfriend Meghan. Niall is on the new tour for Take Me Home. Meghan,His girlfriend is staying in The Horan Home While He is on tour. We made up this thing called The Blue Eyed Triangle Because We all Have Blue Eyes.Will The triangle ever reunite.?


1. Blue Eyed Triangle.

                                                 Cadys POV**                                                                                                              I am at home with Niall,Liam,And Meghan.The last day we see them.They are going on tour,Tomaroww. We are making this day last perfect. "Lets watch toy story!" Liam yelled. Niall shrugged. "Liam lets give them there presants first!" Niall said. Me and Meghan looked at each other. "Okay mine is for Meghan and Cady!" Niall Said. he gave us each a blue box. "1,2,3" I said we both opend them. It was a necklace that said ''Blue eyed Triangle" With a blue eye charm. "Thank you Nialler!'' i said. " Ni thanks!'' Meghan said. I put mine on. Then i stood up and went to the Chair Liam was sitting on. "Hi Liam" I said. I looked over at Meghan and Niall. They had started thier own convo. I put my arm around Liam.  " I got you something." He said with a grin. ''Yes Li" i said. He handed me a small box. It was a ring in the shape of a heart.It was A ruby my birthstone. "Thank you Liam" I said. Bouncing up and down! "And" He said handing me a box simmilar to the one Niall gave us. I opened it there was a necklace that said. "His" Then i saw a braclet on Liams wrist "Hers" "Thanks Liam!" I screeched. Then he Kissed my forehead. "Okay now lets watch Toy Story 3 Liam!" Niall said. Then Meghan said "Cady can i talk to you?" "Ya sure" I said. "What did Liam Get you?!" She screeched.  "This ring and Necklace And you?'' "These Black supras and this ring!" "Is it real?" I asked. "Yes!" "Girls!" I heard Liam Yell "We better get back" I said walking back downstairs. It was five o'clock. I saw Liam on the floor with a blanket. I sat down under the blanket. "Thanks Li" I whisperd. "Anything for you babe" He said. That brought me back to the day me and Liam go to date.

                                               *FLashback*                                                                                                            It was the month after we went to Harrys summer home.Meghan had been dating Niall since X-factor so bout' 1 year. Me and Liam Were going to ask Niall. He told them they could not date me he was to protective. "Niall can i date Cady" He asked " Liam i trust you the most,but if you brake her heart i break you," 

                         *end of flashback**        


"Babe Babe" Liam said. "wa what?" I said. "You went into your own land" He said "Oh sorry babe" I said. "I Love  you Liam we've been together for 2 years." I said. "I know babe."  He said with a laugh. Then We both started watching our Favorate movie. 

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