When Will You See Me ?

"Louis, stop, please," Harry pleaded. Louis continued out the door of Harry's flat and down the corridor, Harry trailing not far behind.

"Stop following me, Harry," Louis spat, not turning to see his former lover's face contort with pain and regret. He stopped in front of the lift and pressed the button going down. When he finally did turn, Harry was standing beside him, tears streaming down his face, and his eyes pleading for seconds to explain.

"Please," Harry whimpered. Louis rolled his eyes and scoffed at the taller boy.

"Go fuck off, Harry. Better yet, go fuck the one in the magazines. I'm sure he'd be a nice shag. Really I do," Louis sneered. Suddenly Harry was pushed back, resulting in stumbling to the floor. "Just don't go fucking over our band like you fucked me over, Harry. Don't you dare mess with our band," Louis added and stepped onto the lift, leaving Harry still lying on the ground, dumbstruck and shocked, tears still falling from his puffy eyes onto the ground.


1. Bathroom Talk Time

   It wasn't easy, Harry discovered, coming out to himself. He pondered over the same thing every night while lying in bed during the days of X Factor. Harry would remain awake every night with the same topic on his mind as the first night of boot camp. It was a bit of serendipity, when he thought about it in the years to come, the day he met his one true love. Even though he understood how cliche it sounded when he replayed it in his mind, but Louis was his love that would be his first and last, concerning guys anyway. 


   The first day of boot camp had finally come. Judges had come up with a change, challenging the contestants to dance along with their singing audition. It was stressful on most of the contenders, not only because they couldn't dance, but some were unable-physically- to dance. Harry thought it a bit stressful himself, but learned to love the idea for giving him a reason to meet his love. 


   Two hours of practice had passed on the dance stage, and everyone was told to go on a small break. Harry headed immediately to the toilets, pushing past everyone and anyone who stood in his way. For a sixteen year old, he had the bladder of an eight year old. When he finally got to his destination, a boy, two years older than he, cut him off in the line to get in the door. After a grunt and groan, Harry took in the appearance of the shorter boy. His hair styled over one side of his face, glasses sat on the bride of his nose covering his vibrant blue eyes. He had a build that was muscular but still skinny and lean. A grey beanie sat on his head. He wore a light green v-neck with a button up over it. Khaki shorts covered his bottom half, with white converse on his feet. Harry stood dumbstruck in line as the boy opposite him took him in much like he did. The boy smiled. 


   "Oops," the boy laughed. "I didn't mean to cut you off. Honest accident, really," he added and fixed the grey colored beanie that sat on top of his head. Harry smiled back. 


   "Hi," he whispered, still shocked. "Harry," he stuck his hand out in between the two of them. 


   "Louis," the other boy shook Harry's hand. "Rough day?" Louis asked suddenly after they retreated their hands. 


   "You have no idea; I haven't been this active since primary," Harry laughed, and Louis laughed along with him. Harry seemed satisfied with himself. 


   After their experience in the bathroom, Harry and Louis became closer during bootcamp. When they didn't make it to judges houses, they held each other and cried in a back room until it was time to pack up. When they were called back for 'interviews', Harry hugged Louis with all his might after the news had been told. They were overjoyed to be working with three other lads that would soon be their band members. Louis and Harry took the news of a group in stride and accepted it, all to make their dreams come true. 


   Neither of them knew, however, how much their lives would change in the coming years. 

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