While the Hawk Flies

Amelia Hawk is an assassin for hire. She's the best in the business. She never had a single job go wrong in her entire career. Until his name came up..


20. The Truck

As we woke up Dino and ran out to the car, I realized that after he put Dino in the car and as I opened the door to the passenger side, Reese was staring at me. 

"You know, you look great in my clothes."

I smiled at him and he laughed as we got into the car. Even as we were running for our lives, he was optimistic and happy. We pulled out of the drive way and drove for half an hour. We talked and talked until we heard Dino growling. I turned around to see what he was growling at. Dino was staring out the back windshield and growling at a big black truck behind us. There were two people in it and both looked Italian, but it was hard to tell because they had on black sunglasses and were quite far away. As Reese pulled up to a stop sign the truck was right behind us.

"Reese. I think Bruno's guys are behind us." Reese turned around and looked behind. 

"I think you may be right." Reese started to drive. I sat forward in my seat and looked ahead. Dino was still growling, but now he was barking. "Just act like you can't see them." I told Reese. "That will be easy. We are driving a freakin cop car." Dino gave a huge bark and then all of a sudden the back windshield shattered. Then the front wind shield gave a small shatter. I ducked my head by the door to shield myself.  and Reese threw his arm  in front of his face to protect his eyes from the glass. I looked up and saw the small hole in the wnidshield and the rear wind shield. Bullet holes. I looked to the truck and saw the man in the passenger set of the truck pointing a gun at us. Dino was barking and growling and throwing a fit. "DINO! STOP!" I tried to get Dino to calm down, but was unsuccesfull. "NACHE UNTEN!" Reese yelled. Almost immediatly Dino sat down on the floor of the car and began to whine. I looked at Reese in astonishment as he was driving recklessly down the road. "His commands are in German!" He yelled. "Oh!" I didn't exactly know how to respond. Just then there was another shot fired t our car. this one missed the interior completely, but hit the rearview mirror on Reese's side. "There is  a gun in the glovebox!" He yelled to me.I scrambled for the glovebox. I grabbed a small handgun out of the glovebox and turned to face the truck. I shot at the passenger first. I heard a yell, which means I must have hit him. I looked closer and realized I hit him in the sholder. I didn't want to kill him, even though he did just try to kill us. But then There was another shot that was even a worseshot than the last. I didn't know where it hit. I shot again, but I this time I shot to kill. And I succeded. Before I could think further, Reese yelled. "HANG ON!!" He swerved the car into an alley and floored it. The truck truck tried to pursue us, but was too big to fit into the alley.  He drove until we were clear out of town. When we came up to a white fence that boarded a cornfield, he pulled over to the side of the road. He turned to look at me. My head was rested against the seat and I was breathing heavy. It wasn't because I was scared, I was relieved that Reese wasn't hurt. As I looked at Reese, I saw that his head was bleeding. It wasn't serious, the blood was just barely running down his forehead. He was sweating so much that his blonde hair was sticking to his forehead. He was breathing heavy too.

"Did you just kill that guy?"

I closed my eyes and nodded my head slowly.

When I opened my eyes I saw Reese smiling at me.


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