While the Hawk Flies

Amelia Hawk is an assassin for hire. She's the best in the business. She never had a single job go wrong in her entire career. Until his name came up..


24. Taking Me

We were running through the orphange. Hand in hand. the only thing we could hear was the sound of our bare feet hitting the floor with every quick and heavy step and the sound of our heavy breathing. We were running too fast and were too scared to be playing a game. Were running from something. Something real. We turned into a dark corridor and the only light in it lit up the shine of the barrel of a gun. Reese tried to stop himself, but fell backwards in a failed effort and pulled me down with him. A hand slowly raised the gun hire and aimed it at an 8 year old Reese. I screamed in terror and begged the hand not to shoot my best friend. Or should I say, my only friend. The gun fired. A shot rang out through the corridor..

I jerked myself up from my nightmare and looked at the scene surrounding me. I was laying the bed of a rundown motel room and Dino sat at the end of the bed watching me with his head cocked sideways. His ears were perked up and his eyes seemed to be worried and curious at the same time.  I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder pushing me down, urging me to lay back down.

"You hit your head really hard. You need to rest." Reese informed me. I felt the back of my head in realization that I had an escrutiating headache and a big bump on the back of it.

"What happened?

"Well as you know, Bruno found us again and got into the car with you. I guess he pushed you pretty hard and you banged your head on the window and got knocked out. You can imagine how that made Dino feel. He lunged at Bruno and he was yelling and screaming and cursing and throwing a fit so I came out to the car and found him. I opened the door and he fell out with Dino on top of him. But that didn't stop Dino. If anything it just encouraged him. Bruno somehow managed to get up and he ran to a white van that was waiting for him and drove off. Dino would have chased the van if I hadn't stopped him. So I carried you into the room and let you rest."
"How long did I rest exactly?"

"About 3 hours."

I sighed. " I can't believe I let him get away. He should be dead. But he's not and it's all my fault."
"Amelia I think you are the only person dissapointed with the outcome of this situation." Reese laughed."You should have seen Bruno. He was all bruised and bloody and he had to limp to his car. He was crying like a little girl and squealing like one too. I was laughing to hard to do anything."


I smiled lightly and Reese continued to speak.

"I'm just happy that you are alive. If it weren't for Dino here he probably would have killed you. But I'm guessing that the van was for something else."


"Taking you."

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