While the Hawk Flies

Amelia Hawk is an assassin for hire. She's the best in the business. She never had a single job go wrong in her entire career. Until his name came up..


18. Prove it

After I finished my story I sat and watched Reese. Was he going to make me leave? Was he going to arrest me? I sat and waited for his expression to change. He sat and watched me for a good minute or so. 

"I have always thought of the day you would come back to me. I always thought that I would be sitting in a diner and when I least expect it I would look over and see a beautiful black haired brown eyed woman walking through the door. i always knew that right when I saw you I would know who you were. I just wanted to see you again. I tried to find you Amelia. As soon as I first started here I searched for you. I did my reseaerch, but there was NOTHING under your name after the orphanage. I had no way to find you. The only thing that kept me going was that there was ne certificate of death in your file. I went to the orphanage to see if you were still there once. When I asked an old grey haired nun about you, she made me leave. She rushed me out in a hurry and told me never to come back. Now I know why. I don't know how she knew about what you do but she did. And  guess she didn't like it. I can't say that I particularly like what you do either, but I won't stop you. I love you Amelia. No matter what you do."

I walked up to Reese and wrapped my arms around the back of his neck. I pressed myself close to his body. I got up on the tip of my toes and whispered soflty into his ear.

"Prove it."

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