While the Hawk Flies

Amelia Hawk is an assassin for hire. She's the best in the business. She never had a single job go wrong in her entire career. Until his name came up..


19. Missed Calls

I woke up in the morning and turned over in the bed to face the bright sunlight in the window. It practically blinded me. I looked over to the nightstand that sat right beside my head. I grabbed my phone off the counter and checked the time. By 7 o clock in the morning I had 6 missed calls from a blocked number. 


I got up out of the bed and looked over at where Reese was sleeping in the bed. His eyes were closed and he was smiling as he slept. He looked peaceful. I looked at myself in the mirror to realize that I had on only underwear and my white cami. I looked around his house to find my pants, and I found them under the bed. I tried to keep quiet in fear of waking up Reese. I couldn't find my shirt, so I grabbed a long sleeved button up shirt from his closet. I tried to keep quiet as I walked past a snoring Dino. He even looked peaceful. I had my phone in my hand as I walked out the door.   I sat down on the first concrete step and waited. Within 5 minutes it began to ring. The number was blocked


"I hired you to kill him Amelia. Not to have a nice little reunion and fuckin sleep with him!"

Bruno was angry. Very angry. "Bruno I know. But I can't kill him I won't kill him. I'm going t-

"Then I will kill you. BOTH of you."

The line went dead.

I had made a mistake. A very bad mistake. A very very bad mistake. Not only was Bruno pissed, but he knew about how what we had done. How could he? Did he have someone watching us? I had to get out of there. I got up from where I was sitting and ran back into the house. As I ran past the couch where Bruno was sleeping he jerked his head up and watched me run past him with his ears straight up.I ran to the bed where we had slept together. He wasn't there. 

"REESE?" I yelled his name. "REESE WHERE ARE YOU? WE HAVE TO LEAVE HE KNOWS!" I searched the small house frantically until I felt two strong arms around my waist.

"Calm down. I'm right here."

I spun around and looked him dead in the eye.

"Reese we have to leave now. He knows. I don't know how, and I don't when he is coming. But he wants to kill us."


"Bruno. The man who hired me to kill you. Somehow he found out andhe is coming for us." 

He let go of me right away. "He just somehow found out."

"I Told you I don't know."

Reese sighed. "Fine. Let's go." He turned around to leave, but I grabbed his wrist to stop him. He turned to look at me.

"Reese you have to trust me on this. I swear to God I didn't tip them off. Last night was the greatest night I have ever had in my life. If you think that I would trade that to get paid by some bastard then you are out of your god damn mind. I would never do anything to hurt you."

Reese's face was smiling lightly at me, but his eyes showed worry. Here I was telling someone to trust me with their life, when I couldn't trust a single soul. Perfect.


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