While the Hawk Flies

Amelia Hawk is an assassin for hire. She's the best in the business. She never had a single job go wrong in her entire career. Until his name came up..


14. His Life After Me

We kissed for what seemed like forever. I was pressed against his door for what seemed like forever. I was surprised nobody tried to walk in. When we were done, He sat on the couch with Dino and I sat in the big chair behind his big professional desk with one of my legs sat up on the seat curled up against my body and I was playing with the knick knacks and paper weights on his desk. The only picture on his whole desk was a framed photograph of a younger loking him and a German Shepard puppy. Dino. He explained to me that when his parents had adopted him, he wanted to say goodbye to me. But they wouldn't let him. They wanted to get him out of the orphanage. They wanted him to try to start a new life. He hated them for that. He said that he never stopped hating them and that  the more he thought about me the more he missed me. The more he missed me the more he hated his parents. I must admit that I did feel guilty aboout that at first, but then he explained to me that after about 2 years of having "perfect parents" his dad had developed a drinking problem. He said that he beat him often. His mom couldn't stand to be with him, so she took Reese and left for New York. Reese said he couldn't wait to turn 18 to graduate and go to the police academy. He said his whole life he was dreaming of becoming a cop and coming back to Boston to find me. He had been in Boston for 5 years and hadn't heard a thing. Then he found out about the kanine program with the police. He thought that having a dog would help with the loneliness. And it sure as hell did.  He said he had no idea a dog could be so smart and so loving. He told me about how Dino had stopped a guy from breaking into his house one night and how Reese had to tranquilize Dino to keep him from killing the guy. Then I asked him if he had many friends

"Yeah, I have had some friends.Most of them I los touch with after high school when I left for the police academy. I had some friends through the academy too. My best friend through that time was a black guy. His name was Cletus. I did make fun of him for the name often. It was a family name. We were room mates and we partied together. But it was nothing. I had a few girlfriends too, but they were just mostly all play. No love. Nothing really real. They all had the same problem."

"What was that?"

"They weren't you, Birdie."




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