While the Hawk Flies

Amelia Hawk is an assassin for hire. She's the best in the business. She never had a single job go wrong in her entire career. Until his name came up..


7. Bruno

Determination ; The act of making a decision or fixing on a purpose


The only light that lit up my apartment was the street lights as I sat at my computer and stared at the blank Google search box. I ran my hands through my hair and sighed. I really didn't want this job. Finally I typed into the search box and typed in his name. Clicking search was the hardest move I had to make in my entire life.  For the first time in my life, I was scared. I was scared to find out what Reese had done to deserve death. I was scared to find out that Reese had a family, and a beautiful wife and had forgotten about the little girl at the orphanage. As I read through the search results, I found a promising article from the Manhattan police. Oh God. He was still here. After all this time.  I clicked the article and found out that he had was a cop. He had followed his dream. I was proud. As I read further I found out that he had made a bust on some drug cartel. Someone had found out they were planning out on bombing the police station. The guy called the cops and warned them, and Reese was worried about his safety. Turns out that the druggies wanted to kill the guy to teach him a lesson for ruining  their plan, so when they went to get him Reese booked them,. They were the most notorious drug cartel in the state, and he brought them down. That's definitely a motive. Just then there was a knock at my door. I closed the search and answered the door. It was an attractive looking man who looked a little younger than I was. His black hair was greased back and slick with a thin, neat little mustache that seemed to be right perfectly between his mouth and nose.. He wore a  a cheap white a purple suit. He was definitely Italian, and definitely some kind of criminal. 

"Amelia Hawk?

"Yeah. That's me."

" My name is Bruno. I assigned you a job..."

"Reese Krew?"


" What about him?

" I figured I would tell you why I want him..taken care of."

"It's simple, Bruno. You're the head drug cartel and he busted your guys. now, you want him dead but you can't risk being seen, or caught or risk making a mistake so you hire someone to do it."

"Yes, but no. He took down my father. He was the brains of the business really, the big wig as you may say it. He caught my father and put him in jail. Now I have to restart the business and carry on the legacy. My first order of business, is to kill that bastard."


You were quite close, it was a good guess. I wasn't expecting you to get the research that quickly. I guess it's true what they say. You really are the best."

I rested my elbow on the door frame and smirked at him. He smiled back  and said:

"I guess it"s also true for what else they say about you.

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"You are indeed very beautiful."

I sighed and laughed lightly. "Goodnight Bruno." 

He winked at me as I shut the door on him. As I made my way Back to my computer I checked the time. 3:30 A.M. I had had a long day and decided to go to sleep. I shut down the computer and went to bed. Bruno was disgustingly charming and I already hated him. But I already had made my decision. Reese didn't deserve to die. Bruno did. He was going to get a gang back together top sell drugs and hurt countless people and families. I knew that I couldn't kill Reese. I had to protect him.





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