While the Hawk Flies

Amelia Hawk is an assassin for hire. She's the best in the business. She never had a single job go wrong in her entire career. Until his name came up..


25. Amazing

I got up in the morning and Reese gave me some aspirin. He gave me some clothes from a goodwill he had found down the street. They were a New York Yankees sweatshirt and an old ratty pair of blue jeans. He also got me some hair ties and he got us both sunglasses to hide our faces. I threw my hair in a pony tail and put the sunglasses on. I wasn't exaclty unrecongizable, but every little bit helped. We went to the front desk to check out of our rooms,  put Dino on a leash, and walked out onto the street.

"Okay, now we just need a car. " I told Reese.

"Alright, then lets steal one."

I laughed at him. Obviously mocking him. "If it's illegal for me to steal a car, then you could be like, put to death for stealing one. Or even worse! FIRED!!"

He laughed and playfully punched my arm. "I think we are waaaayyyy past the "Oh we could be arrested for this" stage. And besides, if I showed my face up at work now I would be fired because I haven't shown up at work for 3 days."

"I am sorry about that."

"Don't be sorry. It wasn't your fault. You are trying to protect me. And I love you for it."
I looked at him and smiled. Reese changed the subject.
"Well anyway, you're the expert here. Steal us a car!"

"You know, it's really not that complicated." I said to him. We were walking past a construction site with hot and sweaty men working to mke a living. There were sparks flying and machines running and everything. It was really quite impressive.

"Oh really?" Resse stopped walking. "Why don't you just prove it then." Reese teased.

I sighed and walked closer to one of the construction workers and slipped a hammer from his belt. He continued to work and didn't have the slightest idea that someone just stole from him. I swung the hammer back and forth as I looked for a decent car in a nearby parking lot. Then I saw a black jeep wrangler sitting close to me. I grinned and walked towards it. I approached the window and looked around to make sure no one was watching. Then I swung the hammer as hard as I could and shattered the glass window. I threw the hammer on the ground and stuck my arm in the door. I unlocked the door, and opened it. I was hoping that the unfortunate owner of this jeep would have been nice enough to leave his keys in the egnition, but they were smarter than that. I had no choice but to hot wire the car to start it. I started it with ease, and drove over to where Reese and Dino were standing. Reese was staring into the passenger side window at me with his eyes wide and jaw dropped. Dino barked and began waggin his tail and his tongue hung out the side of his mouth. I grinned at Reese and he began to laugg.

"You never cease to Amelia Hawk."


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