While the Hawk Flies

Amelia Hawk is an assassin for hire. She's the best in the business. She never had a single job go wrong in her entire career. Until his name came up..


3. Alone

Alone ; isolated from others


I live alone. In an old, run down one bedroom apartment. It's not exactly a place to live as it is a place to sleep. I have no TV. I only have an old chunky white computer.  I found it in the closet of the apartment while moving in 5 years ago. It had dust forming in the corners and no keyboard, but I figured something out. I went to the nearest thrift store and picked up a black keyboard that was hidden in the back of the store. I don't need luxury. I just need something that works.

I spend most my time working, so I have no social life. My parents are gone. They dumped me at the step of an orphanage when I was a baby. They didn't need me, and even though it didn't feel like it when I was a kid, I never needed them. 


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