Drums Before Curls [Harry /Josh Devine Fanfic]

Aurora 'Rora' Natalia Reese is well renowned for her heartbreaking method all across New York. She could dump you so soon that you'd never had expected it.
She's unpredictable.
Harry Styles has been getting bad publicity for his constant toying with girls heart. Parents wouldn't want their kids to be idolizing a player and 1D is losing CD sales.
This two teenagers do not believe in love, they just do everything for the fun of it.
Management and the Reese interfere and issue an order for them to fake dating for 4 months in order to get rid of their former image.
There's a chink that they both didn't expect.
Rora fans The Wanted... and the guy that had caused her to go down the path of never falling in love is in Harry's band.
How can she tackle this? Will she give Harry a chance? Will she give love one more chance? What about her ex?


2. A/N

Hey stylies,

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Oh and I just want y'all to know I have nothing against Bec Hewitt [JD's gf]... None what so ever <sigh> she's so lucky...



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