Save You Tonight


1. Meee!! And the Best Memory

Josie's POV:

      Hi my name is Joseline but i perfer Josie. Im 18 going to 19 in about a month:D There is one thing i never forget to mention to anybody, I am a DIRECTIONER! I dont really have a favorite anymore bcause they are all equal to me. I havent really gone to any more of there concerts ever since i left to the university. When i went to there first concer, well my first concert, i thought i wouldnt get noticed; just be another fan in the crowd...but that changed after the concert had ended! I was waiting in line to meet them, when i suddenly got plled out of line and was being escorted out of the arrena and was being taken somewhere. i was starting to get scared, until we made a stop infornt of 1D's Tour Bus!! About a minute later, the person revieled himself and 9i couldnt believe who i was standing infront of!!! I was standing infront of Zayn Malik, THE Zayn Malik!

"Hi Josie, im Zayn." he said sounding a bit worried. Yet i was surprised that he knew who i was.

"Ello Zayn!! Wait how do you know my name? and why do you sound worried babe?" I tried my best not to sound excited.  " might not remember me, but im your brother. I recognized you once i got on stage. We were seperated after you ended up in the hospital in LA.." Zayn said a bit more pepped up.

"How do i know your actually my brother??" i said no win such disbelief

"Ask me anything!!" he said

"When's my birthday, and how old em i turning?!?!" i said

"September 14...and your 18 turning 19 :)" he siad sounding so positive.

"OMFG!! Wait a minute, now that i think of it i remember when you and i would always go to school together. And whenever i needed someone to talk to you were always there!" i said no remembering my past and realizing why i had a british accent covered by a American accent. After that Zayn and i still stayed in contact, but i had gotten my phone tooken away so i lost contact with him :(









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