Rachel is pretty much your average girl. She doesn't have the cliche story of an orphan or being a mythical creature. She's your typical teenager living in a loving and protected home. Then her mother gets a job transfer to Florida, which in Rachel's luck, is where her best friend Taylor lives. Going to her new school, Rachel meets Louis. A sweet, slightly shy and just friendly boy. Of course, he has charm and it wears on Rachel. And the desire starts. But with desire comes a flame. A flame becomes a fire. And a fire... Burns.


1. A New Start

Chapter 1

Rachel's POV
"I'm usually not this nervous. I swear I'm actually very quiet, Taylor. I just, just... I'm just so nervous! What if the new school is full of big jerks? Or what if everyone's rich and attractive and I'm not? I don't want to die!" I panic to one of my best friends, Taylor. She rolls her eyes chuckling as she stirred the pancakes for dinner. My mother got a job transfer and thankfully, it was to Taylor's small town in Florida.

Taylor and I grew up together until she moved here. But since I've moved as well, we've become close again over the summer. "Calm down, Rachel. Everything will be perfectly fine. There's always going to be jerks and nice people. And it's a public school, not some rich private school. It's gonna be alright! In fact, you may like it here more than Washington. I have friends that will easily like you." She smiles warmly and I can't help but give her a slanted half-smile. It's hard not to smile back.

Taylor was pretty and very kind to practically everyone. I wasn't really surprised when I found out about her boyfriend, Blane. He was SUPER cute and she deserves a great guy like him. Taylor wasn't a spoiled popular 'it girl' though. She was just very friendly and more confident than me. She was kind of popular I guess. Confident, sweet and pretty girls like her quickly make many friends. I'm lucky to have such an awesome best friend. So I can't be mad at her.

But I was kind of jealous. She was so... Perfect. And I'm so... Not. I'll never get a guy like Blane. Everything bad happens to me. My last boyfriend was in first grade and his nickname was Stinky Steve. Taylor's current: sexy smexi Blane! She had tons of friends, I had three. She was gorgeous, I was... Me. Haha that rhymes. "I highly doubt that, Taylor." I sigh walking upstairs and I pass the mirror.

I look at it for a moment and smile to myself sighing. Behind me in the background was the beautiful lit Christmas tree. It felt weird being in Florida for Christmas this year. No snow I guess. I frown puffing out some air and I stride into Taylor's room. I was staying the night. I put on some of her pajama's and go to bed. I had a feeling... A nervous yet happy feeling. This Christmas was going to be very eventful. I sigh slipping into bed. I wasn't that hungry anyways, I'll just take some left overs for breakfast tomorrow.

I shut my eyes and drift into a dreamless sleep as always.
--- Next Morning ---
"GET UP, GET UP, GET READY AND PLEASE BRUSH YOUR TEETH OR SOMETHING CAUSE YOU STINK! WAKE UP TIME FOR SCHOOL!" Taylor shouts happily as she runs into her restroom and slams the door excitedly. A moment later I hear the shower running. I slowly sit up and grab the outfit I picked out yesterday and I put it on. Walking downstairs, I smell the left over pancakes and grin.

My stomach was unsettled about going to this new school. Thank goodness Christmas break was just in a week! I smile gratefully at Taylor's mom and grab the plate, today should be interesting. I eat breakfast and apply some make up. Soon I hear the horn of Taylor's car. I sigh not so happy about school and walk downstairs. She drives us both to school and I hop out quickly.

"Just go straight to your locker, I've got to park my car. See you at third period!" Taylor smiles encouragingly and goes to park. I sigh pulling my bag further up my shoulder and look at the school. It's so freaking huge. Why can't I go to some school like in twilight? Where everybody knows everybody and beautiful vampires fall in love with me. That'd be nice. Not the love of my life sucking my blood part but ya know, actually having someone love me.
Yeah. That part.

"Hi, I'm Demi. I don't recognise you. You must be new!" She smiles brightly offering her hand. I shake it laughing shyly, "Yeah. I'm Rachel. You know, Taylor's best friend?" "OH! Yeah I know Taylor! She's so nice!" Demi laughs and waves. "Well I've gotta go. See you at lunch maybe!" She bids me goodbye and runs up the large steps into the high school. I follow her inside and gasp at how large the inside looked. It was humongous!

I look at my schedule and realise I'm about to be late. I quickly walk to my new lock and throw everything I had inside. I grab my history book and search for the class. I've toured the place already but it was still hard. After finally finding it, I was just on time. The teacher smiled at me politely and opened the door for me. I thanked the elderly looking women and quickly enter the room.

Everyone was already in their usual seats. All heads turned towards me. I look to the floor embarrassed. "You can sit next to Louis, dear." I look to where she was pointing an my eyes fell on a figure in the back. He had dark shaded glasses on so I couldn't really tell what he looked like. As I walked past the rows of students, everyone gave me sympathetic looks. What in the world? I sit down. "Hi, I'm Rachel." I smile shyly. He doesn't say anything.

Not even a glance. He just stares towards the teacher ignoring me. "You see, I-I'm new." I stutter nervously. "You must be Louis." I say remembering the teacher say his name. No response. "Look, you don't have to be rude..." I mumble sighing opening my book. "You don't have to talk so much." He murmurs. Ugh I have a feeling this guy is going to be on my last nerve for the rest of my high school life!
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