Forever and Always <3

The day I met my idols with my sister was the day my life changed.............forever....................


2. The Fall

Kylie's P.O.V.

Riley! NO! Who did she bump into? I looked next to me to see Harry Edward Styles hovering over Riley apologizing for knocking her down. He said,"We should probably take her inside. I suggest my dressing room where no one can hurt her." "OK." was all I could manage. I was talking to Harry Styles! Harry called over his bodyguards to carry Riley backstage. I wanted to faint, but I had to protect Riley from these crazed fans. Even if we're total opposites, she is still my sister. As we arrived at the dressing room, I saw Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam watching T.V. like they didn't have a concert in 20 minutes. I wanted to ask for autographs, but now was NOT the time, my sister is unconscious! The boys had to leave soon to preform, so I opened a bottle of Fruit Punch from their cooler and chugged it. Louis was staring at me. I wondered why, I have never seen a famous person in person before. OK. One exception. Riley and my dad. Our dad worked with famous people. He's an agent. Even so, he meets famous people all the time. I wish he introduced them to me. :(  Riley's hand twitched as soon as the boys came back, sweaty and tired. Man, she has good instincts! 

Riley's P.O.V.

My eyes fluttered open. All I could see were emerald green, and sapphire blue eyes hovering over me. A cold shiver ran down my spine and I jumped. Taylor Swift came in at that moment. Harry looked over his shoulder, then looked back at me and smiled.

Harry's P.O.V.

I don't know what to do. I think I'm love with Riley, but I'm in a relationship with Taylor.

A/N Everyone had introduced themselves earlier.

I have to break up with Taylor, she doesn't compare to Riley. "Taylor, we can't do this anymore." "Are you breaking up with me?" she replied "Is that going to be your next song?" Kylie giggled. Taylor glared at Kylie, "Yes, I just can't pretend anymore" she ran out crying. I felt bad, but only until I looked into Riley's sparkling eyes. I love you was all I wanted to say to her. Kylie interrupted the silence with her bubbling laughter, "You...and her...went...POOF!" she said between laughs. I laughed with her. These twins were lovely.


I just wanted to say.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAYN!!!!!! and I am still going crazy over the Haylor break up I am soooooo happy!!!!!! BTW, who's reading Dark?!? OMG I LOVE THAT FANFIC!!!!

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