Forever and Always <3

The day I met my idols with my sister was the day my life changed.............forever....................


3. The Fall (continued)

Louis' POV

When her babbling laughter started everyone joined in. It was irresistible (hehe). I think I love her.

Kylie's POV

Haylor was over! I couldn't help but laugh. Everyone joined in. Louis led me outside the door. I could see Riley would put her ear up to the door so I led him farther. "Spill it." I told him. "Ok, well... I know we just met but... I think you're cute." "Well, thank you" I replied politely. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He said in one breath. "Uh...let me think about it... x+y=2 so..yes!"

Louis' POV

She said yes! She really did. The way she talked and the way she laughed, simply adorable. She talked like she was 6, but I loved it, and her.

Taylor's POV

What just happened? I am going to torture those girls! Harry broke up with me, for her? I just knew it. I'm going to send in back up.


sorry for the short chapter :/

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