Forever and Always <3

The day I met my idols with my sister was the day my life changed.............forever....................


4. Taylor's revenge!

Riley's POV

This random girl asked for my number today. I gave it to her just because it was really weird and I just wanted to get out of there! What was bad could happen? Then I got texts from the number the text read

A/N the U means Unknown


R:Hi. Who's this?

U:What's up?

R:Nothing, what about you?



U:My boyfriend broke up with me

R:Oh. Sorry

U:Yea, and I would like him back now


U:You stole him

I guessed it was Taylor texting me about Harry

R:I didn't steal him. I don't even go out with him. My sister though.....


R:She goes out with Louis



T:Just you, who harry likes huh?

R:I don't know ask him

T:Ok... a little while later

T:he didn't answer

R:He probably got a new phone


I felt bad she was heartbroken.....NOT! (#nohate)

R:Well, sorry but I gtg

I hung out with the band later that day. Harry asked who I was texting. He was holding my hand! "Taylor" I replied glumly. Someone banged on the door."It's open" we yelled. Taylor burst in,"Hi" we said awkwardly. Her eyes zeroed in on Harry and mine interlocked hands,"You aren't together huh?" "NO!" I screamed. "Leave her alone!" Harry said protectively. She started screaming but I blocked her out. I heard her again when she said,"You either break up with him or I will call the police on a crazed fan!" "WE DON'T EVEN GO OUT YOU NUT JOB!!!" "Say it" as she dialed it on her phone I said,"Harry Styles, I am breaking up with you" I choked out. "Ok" Harry replied with puppy eyes. I texted him,"JK". He replied,"lol" After the "break-up" was over, she left. We all knew that she would be back soon

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