Forever and Always <3

The day I met my idols with my sister was the day my life changed.............forever....................


5. In Love


so its 10:32 where I am and I am planing on staying up till 12 then screaming,"VAS' HAPPENIN'?!?!?!IT'S THE BRADFORD BAD BOI'S BIRTHDAY THAT'S VAS' HAPPENIN!!!!" and my friend (Kylie) has been begging me to put chapters 2-5 up so enjoy!!!

Harry's POV

I'm going to ask Riley out today. I really like her.I smiled just thinking about her.

Riley's POV

Harry whispered in my hair,"Come into the hallway" "ok"  I whispered back. I walked really fast to the hallway. He said very softly, "Will you go out with me?" "Oh,ok,um...YES!!" I was so jittery i was jumping up and down...on the inside and out!! "I love you" He said. "Aw, I love you too". I texted Kylie

R: Wanna go on a double date?

K: With who?

R: Me, Harry, you, and Louis

K: Yes! When?

R: Now

K: I'll get him ready!

R: Me too. 10 Minutes.

K: K

Kylie's POV

OMG!!! Harry finally asked her out!!! "LOUIS?" no answer, maybe he fell asleep. I started to walk up the steps to our room when I heard and bang and Louis scream, "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH"

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