Forever and Always <3

The day I met my idols with my sister was the day my life changed.............forever....................


1. That one day

Kylie's POV

"I can't wait!" I said to Riley, my sister. "For what?" she asked sarcastically,"To go to their concert, and go backstage with them." "Oh, that..." she said. As we arrived in Britain on the plane, I screamed,"YEA!" "Shut up!" Riley whispered to me. We were identical twins and she was the total opposite of me. The one thing (hehe) we have in common was our love for One Direction.

Riley POV

It feels so good to back in the UK! I loved it in Australia, but I missed my home. Kylie is soooo excited to meet One Direction and won't stop screaming! Don't get me wrong, I love One Direction, but I'm not screaming my head off now am I? Grandmum and Grandpa picked us up at the aeroport. When we got home Kylie and I had to get ready for the concert. I wore my white "Take Me Home" T-shirt with a picture of the boys on the phone booth on it (the TMH cd cover) with my red pants and uggs. Kylie, because we are twins, wore the samething, lets see if mum can tell us apart seeing as she NEVER can. The way our friends tell us apart is, I'm Riley because I have a scar on my chin and elbow while Kylie has none at all. We got to the arena and i could not restrain myself from running out of the car and up to the doors. Kylie slowly caught up to me, "Hurry up slow poke!" "I'm going as fast as I can!" she shouted back at me. I turned and bumped into someone. I fell and hit my head, "OH MY GOD! RILEY!!!" I heard Kylie yell. Then suddenly everything went silent and my surroundings became black as night..............

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