Kiss You

"Things like this don't just happen to everyone." I said.
"I know. You're special, Pay. You're not like anyone I've ever known." Niall said.
"I guess that's a compliment?" I joked, as Niall wrapped his arms around me in a hug, kissing the side of my head.
"I love you Pay." Harry whispered in my ear.
"You too Harry." I sighed.
"I can love you more than he can. I can treat you better than he can." Harry said, pulling me closer to him. "If you would let me love you."


6. Six

Harry pulled away from me and looked at Niall. “Shit.” He said loudly.

I unwrapped myself from Harry. “What’s wrong?” I asked.    

“We have to go back. Now.” Harry replied quickly, as he started swimming back.   

I dove down and started paddling myself back to shore. “Harry.” I said. “HARRY.” I repeated louder, grabbing his shoulder.   

“Look, I’m sorry. This was a mistake.” He said, shoving my clothes at me. He dressed quickly in his shorts and top. Harry grabbed his sneakers and took off down the beach.   

I dropped down in the sand. I pulled my legs up to my chest and rested my arms on my knees. “How could I be so stupid. Thinking that Harry Styles would actually fall for me.” I whispered to myself. .  

“Heyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!” Gabby yelled, sliding down next to me.   

“Hey.” I replied softly.   

“What’s wrong?” She asked.   

“Nothing.” I said softly. 

“Hey babe. Ready?” Matt said, running up to Gabby. He shook his head quickly and flipped his hair. “Oh, hey Payton!” He waved to me.   

I smiled softly.   

“Yeah. We’ll talk later okay?” Gabby said. I nodded and waved as they walked away, holding hands.   

I sat there for a few more minutes. I squeezed the water out of my hair and wiped the remains of salty water off my face. Grabbing my clothes, I walked back down the beach.   

‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepson was blasting on the speakers on stage. I came up on the side of it and saw something. Harry was sitting on the back steps, staring at the sandy ground. Simon was in front of him, yelling angrily.   

Harry looked up, pain filled his face. Harry nodded softly at him. Simon patted Harry’s back and he headed back to the front. I approached him.   

“Hey Harry.” I said quickly.   

“Can we talk?” Harry asked. I nodded and took him by the arm.   

I led Harry over to a beach shack. I opened the door and stepped in. It was a shack for the fisherman. It was full of rope, nets, and boat repair stuff as well as other tools.   

I leaned against the wall. I held out my hand, motioning for Harry to started talking.   

He sighed and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry about earlier.”   

I held up my hand. “Harry, stop. Just stop apologizing. It’s fine.”   

He nodded. “I uh, I got in trouble with Simon. Cause umm, I supposed to be seeing Taylor Swift. Not kissing you in the ocean.”   

“Why? Why Taylor?” I questioned, as my frustration built.   

“I don’t know. It’s another stupid idea from management.” Harry replied.   

“If you’re with Taylor, then why would you lead me on like that?” I raised my voice.   

“I don’t love her! I care about you Payton!” Harry replied louder.   

“Then you would stand up for me! You don’t have to do everything they say.” I said, now yelling.   

“Yes I do! They are my bosses! They could easily cut my contract and end the band for good!” Harry yelled back.   

“Ugh. Whatever. I’m done with this.” I screamed. I pushed Harry out of the way. I threw open the door to shack and stormed out.   

“Oh my god!” A boy shrieked in front of me, spilling his Coca-Cola all over me and my phone.   

“What the heck!” I screamed.   

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” He replied sweetly, dapping my bikini with the towel he was holding.   

“Niall?” Harry asked, stepping out of the shack.   

“You? And him? In there? Gross.” Niall replied, pointing to me, then Harry, then the shack.   

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” I assured him. “None of that. Harry was just leaving.” I turned to Harry. He nodded softly and walked away.   

“Umm okay. Sorry to intrude on the drama over here.” Niall said awkwardly.   

“It’s nothing. Really. But you owe me new clothes. And a new phone.” I joked.   

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