Kiss You

"Things like this don't just happen to everyone." I said.
"I know. You're special, Pay. You're not like anyone I've ever known." Niall said.
"I guess that's a compliment?" I joked, as Niall wrapped his arms around me in a hug, kissing the side of my head.
"I love you Pay." Harry whispered in my ear.
"You too Harry." I sighed.
"I can love you more than he can. I can treat you better than he can." Harry said, pulling me closer to him. "If you would let me love you."


4. Four

When the song ended, Liam and the guys waved goodbye. They put their microphones back in the stands and headed off stage. The DJ came up. He put on his Beats and introduced himself.   

Harry kept a strong hold on my hand. “Come with me.” He said. Harry led me through the crowd. We came out the other end.   

“Where are we going Haz?” I asked.   

“Just away. I wanna know you.”   

I nodded and gripped his hand. “Over here.” I said, leading his to the shore. “Walk with me.” I said, taking off my yellow flipflops. I held them in my free hand.   

Harry pulled off his sneakers and socks. We walked together in the shallow water. It was about ankle high.   

Silence fell between us as the waves crashed softly on us. Harry broke the silence after a few minutes.   

“So, are you a fan? You know, Directioner?” Harry asked.

“Yeah. You could say that.” I joked.    

"What do you mean?” He asked.   

“Just… I don’t know. You guys are perfect.” 

  “I didn’t catch your name love.”   

“I’m Payton. Payton Riley.” I said. 

  “Well Payton, I’m Harry.”   

“Yeah, I know.” I giggled.   

“You have a really cute laugh.”   

I blushed and looked away.   

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, who’s your favorite?” Harry asked with puppy eyes.   

“No offense, but I’ve always been a Niall Girl.”   

“Gasp!” Harry said, in shock.  I giggled and pushed him to the side.   

“But, but everyone loves me!” He whined.   

“I never said I don’t love you. I just fancy Nialler more.”   

“Why? Is it cause he’s Irish?” Harry argued.  


“Because I can be everything he is!” Harry shouted.   

“Babe, calm down!” I chuckled, resting my hand on his shoulder.   

“But why Niall? I mean he’s awesome and stuff, but why Niall?” Harry begged.  

“He’s adorable. Just sweet and cute and funny and real.”   

“And I’m not? I’m adorable!” Harry said, with his signature cupcake pose.   

“But you are more… oh what’s the word?”   


“Gorgeous.” I said. “You guys are all adorable and sweet and stuff. I don’t know, it’s just Niall.”   

Harry smirked. “So you think I’m gorgeous, huh?”   

I lightly punched his arm. “Grr!” I joked.   

“Can I ask you something?”   

“You just did.” I winked.   

“No, like seriously.” Harry said, stopping. He stared into my eyes.   

“O-ok.” I stuttered.   

“Why do you keep getting nervous around me? I mean I’m just Harry.”   

“It was just that first time. I wasn’t expecting you, Harry Styles, to pick me. Of other the girls there. The prettier girls, the richer girls.” I said.   

“Stop. There is no one here that is prettier than you. I don’t care about money. Everything in my world right now revolves around money. I don’t want that. I just want to do music. I don’t want a girl with money, because I care about her heart. Money is material. It won’t last forever. But love will. And that’s all I need.” Harry said, taking both of my hands in his. 

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