Kiss You

"Things like this don't just happen to everyone." I said.
"I know. You're special, Pay. You're not like anyone I've ever known." Niall said.
"I guess that's a compliment?" I joked, as Niall wrapped his arms around me in a hug, kissing the side of my head.
"I love you Pay." Harry whispered in my ear.
"You too Harry." I sighed.
"I can love you more than he can. I can treat you better than he can." Harry said, pulling me closer to him. "If you would let me love you."


5. Five

“Why were you nervous on stage then? I told you I’m here and everything will be okay.”   

“It’s just umm…” I started, looking away.   

Harry took his finger and turned my chin to look at him. “Just talk to me babe.”  

I looked into Harry’s hazel and emerald eyes. They looked so loving, and caring. His eyes were begging me to tell him. “It’s Amanda.”  

“Niall’s girlfriend?”   

“Yeah.” I said, looking down again.   

“Why would she make you nervous?”   

“She’s the prettiest, richest girl in town. She could ruin me with just a few texts. Amanda has so much power in school, it’s not even funny.” I said.   

“She’s a b*tch. What else is new?” Harry stated.   

“And she um… bullies me and stuff.”   

“I’m gonna kill her.” Harry growled angrily. He clenched his fists and stared back at the staged area where Amanda was.   

“Harry. Stop.” I said, taking his hands down.   

“Why? She hurt you.”   

“I don’t care. You can’t just walk up there and punch her!” I said.   

“Fine.” Harry nodded.   

“Please. Just calm down. Let’s keep walking.”   

Harry nodded and slipped his hand back into mine. “Tell me about you.” He said, as we continued down the beach.  

“Umm, lets see. I’m 15, almost 16. I live in Los Angeles. I’ve been here my whole life. I’m a beach kid. My favorite color is blue. I work at the ice cream parlor on the pier. One Direction is my favorite band. I’m also a huge fan of Justin Bieber, Big Time Rush, Austin Mahone, and Cody Simpson. Italian food is my favorite. I’m an amazing chef. I have an old sister. She’s married with 2 daughters, twins. Their names are Chloe and Olivia. I have a pitbull puppy named Lola. She’s not like ‘attack dog’ pitbull, she’s a little love bug.” I said. 

“Well, I’d like you to know that I am a fabulous cook. Italian is my specialty.” Harry winked.   

“I might just have to take you up on that offer some time.” I laughed.   

“Hey, you wanna go in?” Harry asked, pointing towards the water.   

“But you don’t have trunks.”    “I have on under-shorts.” Harry offered.   

“As long as you’re covered, I’m okay with it.” I giggled.   

Harry chucked and sat down in the sand. He placed his sneakers next to him and began to remove his trousers. After folding them neatly, he placed them in a pile beside him on top of his sneakers.   

Harry stood up next to me and pulled off his tee shirt. He revealed his perfectly chiseled abs and V-line. I quickly took off my tank top and shorts, placing them in Harry’s pile. I dropped my flipflops and headband on top.   

“Ready?” Harry asked, holding out his hand. I nodded and took it. We ran out to the water together. Harry jumped and splashed in. I calmly walked out.   

Apparently that wasn’t enough for Harry. He grabbed me by the waist and flipped me over his shoulder, dragging me out into the water.    

“HARRY!” I squealed as the cool water rush over me.   

Harry chuckled and set me down in the water beside him. He splashed me with some water.   

“Really Harry? Really?” I replied, splashing him.   

“Yeah really!” Harry said, splashing me again.   

I slapped his arm multiple times. Harry flexed his bicep and laughed. I folded my arms across my chest and pouted. Harry gripped my waist tightly in his hands and threw me into the air. He caught me bridal style.   

“Impressive Styles.” I smirked.   

Harry chuckled and held onto me. I slipped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Harry’s hands fell over my thighs and placed them on my lower back.   

I stared into his deep emerald eyes. Harry stared back into mine. He pushed his head forward, smashing his lips into mine. I kissed him back. And damn, Harry was a great kisser.   

“HARRRYYYY!!!!!!!” Niall screamed at him from the shore.   

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