Kiss You

"Things like this don't just happen to everyone." I said.
"I know. You're special, Pay. You're not like anyone I've ever known." Niall said.
"I guess that's a compliment?" I joked, as Niall wrapped his arms around me in a hug, kissing the side of my head.
"I love you Pay." Harry whispered in my ear.
"You too Harry." I sighed.
"I can love you more than he can. I can treat you better than he can." Harry said, pulling me closer to him. "If you would let me love you."


8. Eight

I followed Niall into the hotel. It looked even bigger on the inside. The lobby had red carpet with floral designs. Cream colored walls complemented the carpet perfectly. Many chairs and couches were spread out through the room. I followed Niall up to the wooden desk.   

“Hello Mr Horan.” The man greeted him.   

“Hey Billy.” Niall replied with a chill tone. “Payton, this is my dad’s friend Billy. Billy, this is my uh, friend who’s a girl, but not my girlfriend…. I guess, Payton.”  

“Hi Billy.” I said quickly, reaching a hand over the desk. Billy shook my hand and smiled.   

“So what can I help you with, Niall?” Billy asked.   

“Liam has all the keys to our rooms. And he’s not with us.” Niall replied. “Can I get another one?”  

“Yes. But this is your 5th key. And you’ve only been in town for a week. Be careful with it please.” Billy handed Niall a key.  

“Always am Billy.” Niall said, adding a wink.   

I laughed and grabbed Niall’s arm. He pulled me over to the elevator and pressed floor 20. There were 21 floors.   

“So, that was an awkward introduction.” I said.

  “What do you mean?”  

“This is my friend that’s a girl but not my girlfriend?” I mocked Niall. “You couldn’t of just said Billy Payton, Payton Billy.”   

“I’m sorry I’m not simple.” Niall joked. The door opened and Niall took me down the hall with him. He unlocked his door and walked in.   

“Bathroom’s over there,” Niall said pointing. “Towels are here. Shower. And I’ll get you some clothes.” He shut the door behind me.   

Niall walked out to the bedrooms area and opened his dresser he took out some grey sweats for me and a plain blue tee shirt. He folded them and placed him on the bed.   

Then he walked over to the kitchen area and turned on the sink. He slashed some water on his face and rinsed off the salt residue. Then he dunked his head into the water and washed out the gel. Then he dressed in black sweats and a tight white tee.   

I rinsed the salt water out of my hair and washed my body with some of Niall’s body wash that was already in the shower. I stepped out, turning off the water.  I wrapped a towel around my body and walked out to the bedroom. I picked up the clothes Niall had set out for me. I dressed in the bathroom and brushed my hair. I braided it off to the side and walked back to Niall.   

Niall grabbed a bright green beanie and shoved it onto his head, tucking his blonde locks into it. He grabbed a pair of fake hipster nerd glasses and slipped them on.   

“What’s up with that?” I asked. “You look like a bald nerd.” I joked.   

“Wow, that’s nice.” He laughed. “For your information, I’m in disguise, I’m not supposed to be seen. I don’t wanna get in trouble like Harry.”   

I laughed and grabbed one of Niall’s black beanies. I pushed my hair back and put on the hat. “Hey, I’m gonna borrow some of your shoes.”   

Niall nodded and I grabbed his blue pair of Osiris hightops. I grabbed a pair of socks from the drawer and put them on followed by the shoes. Niall looked up from his phone. “Ready?” He asked.   

I nodded and grabbed my old phone. I followed Niall out the door, shutting it behind me. I placed Niall’s room key in my pocket, since he couldn’t be trusted with it. We loaded into the elevator and down to the lobby. My car was still parked out front.   

“Let me drive?” Niall begged. I sighed and nodded. I chucked Niall the keys and hopped into the passenger side.   

“What kind of phone did you have before?” Niall asked.   

“iPhone 3.” I replied.   

“Ooh, someone is a little outdated. Want another iPhone?”  

“Yeah, sure.”   

Niall drove to the mall. He parked and we went inside. I walked up to the map and scanned it. I pointed to the Apple Store.   

“3rd floor, 5th store on the right side.” I said to Niall.   

He nodded and we went up the stairs. Niall pointed over to the store. I crossed the middle and entered the store.   

“Hello. Welcome to the Apple Store. How can I help you?” The clerk asked.   

“This bozo here spilled cola all over my phone. So I was looking for a new phone.” I replied.   

“Hmm let me see it.” He said. I handed him my phone. “Yeah, so you want another iPhone? Lets see, we have 4, 4s, and 5.” 

“I’ll take the 5.” I said. “In white please.”   

He removed the phone from the glass case. The clerk placed it on the counter. “Any cases or accessories?”   

Niall returned to the counter with a One Direction case. He placed it on the counter, winking at me. I giggled.   

“This is gonna come up to $450.” The clerk said. Niall handed him his credit card.   

“I was wondering if you could get my SIM card out and I could keep my number?” I asked.   

“Yeah, that will be no problem. I’ll do it for free. It will take about 20 minutes though, to remove it and fully restore it after the damage to the phone.” The clerk said, examining my phone.   

“Thanks. Can we leave it with you and come back?” I asked.   

The clerk nodded and we left.   

“So, whatcha wanna do?” Niall asked me.   

“Well there’s a Starbucks right here. Want a coffee or something?” 

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