Everything About You

This Is The First Part To 2 Part Series Hope You Like It


3. Zayn

Gabriella's P.O.V~

He Helped Me Up "Zayn" He Said "Gabriella" I Said "Who Is He And Why Was He Doing That To You?" "Oh...Uh...I Don't Really Wanna Talk About It" "Oh....Ok" He Said. I Heard Mumbles Coming From Behind Us Mark Was Getting Up I Got Worried And Was About To Run But He Grabbed My Wrist And Said " Don't Worry Follow Me" So I Did And He Led Me To A Condo "You Live Here?" I Asked "Yeah I Do Along With My 4 Mates. I Was Worried I've Never Been In A House With 5 Boys And After What Just Happended With Me And My Dad I Don't Really Wanna Be Near One But This Boy Was Diffrent He Had The Sweetest Smile Ever And His Eyes Oh His Gorgeous Brown Eyes They Can Melt You. I Started To Dose Off And Wasn't Watching Were I was Going And Bumped Into A Streetlight "Oww!" I Screamed I Felt My Forehead And Blood Was Dripping Down It.

Zayn's P.O.V

I Heard Her Cry In Pain When I Turned Around Her Forehead Was Bleeding I Rushed To Her Helped Her Up And Walked Her Inside And Into The Elevator When We Got To Our Flat I Said "Wait Here I'm Going To Get Some Stuff From The Bath Room"

Gabriella's P.O.V

I Waited For Him And Then A Blonde Boy With Ocean Blue Eyes Walked In "Hey...Who Are You...And Why Are You Bleeding" He Asked Then Zayn Walked In She's With Me He Said "Ohhh...I Get It" He Started Laughing And Walked Away. "Sorry About That" Zayn Said "It's Fine" I Said He Got Up Close To My Face And Said "May I?" I Noded In Aproval He Dabbed Something On My Forehead "OWW OWWW It Stings" I Grabbed My Hand And Said "Don't Worry He Then Put A Bandage On It "There He Said" I Giggled For No Apperent Reason "Who Was He?" I Asked "Oh He's Niall" "I Should Go Introduce You To My Mates He Got Up And Led Me Into A Room
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