Everything About You

This Is The First Part To 2 Part Series Hope You Like It


1. It All Starts Here

Gabriella's P.O.V

I Heard Bangs And Screams Coming From The Kitchen By Now I'm Used To This Since My Parents Divorced I've Been Living With My Dad Since My Mom Said She Wanted Nothing To Do With Me I've Basically Been Raising Myself. "GABRIELLA GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" I Heard My Dad Scream. When I Got Downstairs I Wasn't Surprised At The Sene Before Me. Pots And Pans All Over The Floor, My Dad In Rags Tripping Over Himself With A Bottle Of Beer In One Hand. He Points A Crooked Finger At Me And Motions Me Up The Stairs I Stare A Him Frightened, My Dad Had Never Acted This Way
"Dad What's Wrong With You?" I Ask
" SHUT UP WHEN I GIVE YOU A COMMAND YOU FOLLOW IT!" He Says Motioning A Finger Up The Stairs Again. I Got Scared And Started To Panic I Grab The Bottle Of Beer And Throw It At Him... Yet He Dodges It. He Grabs My Wrists And Shoves Me Against The Wall "LISTEN YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BRAT YOU WILL LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY" He Grabs My Wrists Harder "OW Your Hurting Me!" He Drags Me Upstairs And Push Me Onto His Bed He Tells Me To Unbutton My Shirt I Scream For Help But I'm To Speechless That Nothing Can Come Out I Start To Unbutton My Shirt Not Knowing What To Do My The Time I Get To The 6 Button The Doorbell Rings "STAY HERE!!" He Shouts. I Take This As An Opportunity And Start Looking For A Place To Escape From Out Of The Corner Of My Eye I Spot The Window I Run Towards. I Start Climbing Down A Near By Tree I Hear The Door Slam And Know I Only Have A Few Minutes Left I Decide There's Only One Thing To Do.... Jump. I Close My Eyes And Jump Off The Tree I Don't Land On My Feet But I Get Up And Start To Run I Run And Run. I Look Back To See If He's Getting Closer And Bump Into Someone I Look Up And Stare At His Gorgeous Brown Eyes

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