Everything About You

This Is The First Part To 2 Part Series Hope You Like It


2. A Stranger

Liam's P.O.V

Come On Mates We Have To Take It From The Top We Need To Get This Right. "But We've Been Rehersing For Hours We Need A Break" Said Louis "Yeah I'm Leaving To Go For A Walk Wheather You Like It Not" Zayn Got Up And Left I Started To Walk Towards Him But Harry Pulled Me Back "Let Him Go He Needs To Let Off Some Steam" I Sat Back Down

Zayn's P.O.V

I Marched Out Of Our Condo I Was So Mad And Angry I Forgot To Grab My Jacket It Was So Cold Out I Stuffed My Hands Into My Pockets It's Been A Weak Since Me And Perrie Had Broken Up Due To Her Cheating On Me I Wanted To Puch A Wall I Was Dosing Off The Thought When A Beautiful Girl With Gorgeous Blue Eyes Bumped Into Me And Fell I Reached My Hand Out To Help Her But She Got Up And Started To Run

Gabriella's P.O.V

I Didn't Know What To Do I Was Scared And Lost I Got Up And Ran I Bumped Into Someone Else Not Again I Thought I Soon Relized Who He Was He Was Mark My Dad He Got Me In A Headlock And Pointed A Gun To My Head "DON'T MOVE AND DON'T STRUGGLE!" He Demanded I Screamed For Help Trying To Escape I Was Loosing Hope But Then I Saw Him The Guy Who I Had Bumped Into Moments Ago "LET HER GO!" He Shouted HELP ME PLEASE Mark Pointed The Gun At Him And Shouted "STAY BACK!"

Zayn's P.O.V

I Didn't Know What To Do But Then I Saw It A Giant Rock I Picked It Up And Threw It At Him I Te Quickly Rushed Over To Her And Asked Her If She Was Ok "Yeah I'm Fine Now Thanks" She Said Still Trying To Catch Her Breath I Extended My Hand For Her And She Grabbed It
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