Something Called Fate

Lauren Styles, Harry cousin gets invited by Harry and the boys to go on tour with them! How could she say no! Will she fall for them, or will the whole tour be one big mess? Read to find out!!

( This is my very first fan fiction! )


6. Whats going to happen?

Laurens POV

"Alright Miss. Styles, it looks like your having a baby girl! Congrats!"

"How can you tell so early I thought you had to be like 4 months or something?"

"Well, your baby seems to be growing abnormally fast! And technology is improving. Have you thought of names..?"

"Uhhhm is it bad if the baby is growing faster than normal?"

"Oh no, it happens all the time!"

(Yes guys, I know this would never happen in real life, Just wanted to add some exitment in to the story! Stay beautiful!)

"Oh, good. And no, we haven't really thought about names, have we Lauren..?" Louis said.

"Nope, hmmm I'll have to think about it."

~*One Hour Later!*~

"Lauren I have been meaning to ask you, What are we? What am I to you?"

"Well.. I don't know. What are we Louis?" I said smiling.

"Hmmm. You tell me."

"Lets be.. A couple."

"Works for me" He said leaning in to kiss me. I let him.

"You know, we have to tell the boys that I am what I am.." Unable to come to the reality that in 8 months, there was going to be a baby Tomlinson running around.

We walked to the front of the huge bus.

"Boys" Louis said.

"What?" They all said in sync.

"Me and Lauren have something to tell you.."

"I'm pregnant!" I yelled.

"WHAT!?" Niall Yelled.

"Yeah, hows that thing going with you and the waitress?" I said

"I thought you forgave me.."

"I did, but, I love Louis now."

"This is terrible!" Harry Said.

"I have to go.." I cried. I ran off, Louis followed me. I am so lucky to have him. Hes great, he will be the best dad ever. My life is perfect. I sprinted to my "room" and packed my stuff. I have to go home, Niall is, well hes Niall, and Harry, right now I cant stand him. I need to get out of here.

"Babe! Whats wrong"

"Its Harry and Niall. I cant stand either of them right now. Maybe I will come back, but as of right now, I'm not."

"Fine, I'll be right back."

Louis came back with all his bags packed and ready to go. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I'm going with you. Your carring my baby, you think you can leave that easily..?" I ran up him and started kissing him, and he let me. Then, he helped my put my clothes in my bags, and we left out the back safty exit. Thank god we weren't moving! We flaged down a cab and went to the air port. We got on a plane to Florida, where I live with my mom and little sister. They didn't know I was coming home so when I knocked on the door and my mom answered, they ran into my arms. My little sister only being two made me fall because she pulled my legs right out from under of me. Louis caught me. God I love him, so much. More than anything. I am so glad to have him in my life. I am so lucky. When I fell I screamed and then said "Hey! Careful! Pregnant girl here!!"

"WHAT?" My mom screamed angerly.

"Yep! Arent you happy for me?"


She pushed my little sister out the door and slamed it shut. Then we listened to the click of the door locking. We stood there for a minute the a note slid out of the mail slit.


I never EVER want to see you or your sister again. I have hated you both sice the day each of you were born. Now, I really hate you. She is yours all yours. I have been waiting for the day that you came back so your little sister could be yours. She thinks your her mommy. And as of now, you are. Have a shitty life. Keep me out of it. Tomorrow you have until 3:30 in the after noon to collect both of your guys stuff.

~Your Mother.

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