Something Called Fate

Lauren Styles, Harry cousin gets invited by Harry and the boys to go on tour with them! How could she say no! Will she fall for them, or will the whole tour be one big mess? Read to find out!!

( This is my very first fan fiction! )


5. Mistakes.

                                                                            *Louis POV*

"SHIT!" I heard Lauren say.

"Whats wrong babe?"

"You used a condom right?"

"No.. It all happened a little to fast."

"Okay lets hope I'm not pregnant then I guess.. You idiot" She said giggling.

"I'm gonna go get dinner."

                                                 *One Month Later!*

                                          Laurens POV


"Yes Love?"

I handed him the test. Positive.

"Ummmm Uhh I- what-"

"Get the phone we need to make a doctors appointment"

"Yeah I do not need a pregnant girlfriend." He said winking.


Sorry this is so short! I have a lot to do today and thought I could make it longer! Sorry!! Still Needing Harrys Girlfriend.


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