Something Called Fate

Lauren Styles, Harry cousin gets invited by Harry and the boys to go on tour with them! How could she say no! Will she fall for them, or will the whole tour be one big mess? Read to find out!!

( This is my very first fan fiction! )


7. Help..

Laurens POV

I can not believe this. "Mommy! Yowur home!"

"Yes love, mommys home"

"Whos dat?" Avery, my little sis- my daughter asked.

"Oh him, hes just one of mommy frie-"

"I'm your daddy!" Louis said smiling."

"huh!Yay!!!!" She cried.

"Louis, You don't have-"

"Yes, I do, I brought you back here now we will have two wonderful daughters. A perfect family." He said.

"Louis, what would I ever do with out you?"

"I have no idea" He said trying to kiss me. I pulled away, and pointed to my daughter.  Beep Beep.

Text from Harry.

Where are you guys?

Text to Harry.

At my moms house. She left me with my sister who thinks I am her mom. she says she hates us both and so now, I have a daughter that's 2 years and a daughter on the way. I don't know what to do Haz.

Text from Harry.

You Louis and Avery get back now, we are at a hotel now its called Hilton Inn. Come afap!

Text to Harry.



Sorry this is short! I am thinking about finishing this! I don't know! its not getting very many reads..): What do you think about Avery? Leave feed back! Pweaseeeeee! Love you all!

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