Something Called Fate

Lauren Styles, Harry cousin gets invited by Harry and the boys to go on tour with them! How could she say no! Will she fall for them, or will the whole tour be one big mess? Read to find out!!

( This is my very first fan fiction! )


2. Feelings..

*Nialls POV*

Its time. Were on the bus, I think I will wait until she unpacks.


"Hey, Lauren?"

"Yeah Nialler?" She Smiled.

"There is something really important I need to talk to you about.."

"Ummm okay, me to."

"Ladies First!" I happily said.

"Okay.. I think.. That.."

"SPILL IT!" I here all the boys say from out side the door.

"HEY! Get away!" Lauren yells.

"Anyways, Continue!"

"Okay. I uhh, I think I am in love with you. Seeing you, and your singing, your smile. Your everything. I love it. I love you."

"I fell the same way. I want you, no, I NEED you to want me. I- I really like you."

Then, out of no where, she smashed her lips into mine, I let her, I passionately kissed back. We did this for at least a minute until she pulled away.

                                                      *Laurens POV*

He Loves Me! He really loves me. Oh I couldn't be happier.

"Does this mean that we are.."

"Yes." He said blushing and smiling ear to ear.

"I couldn't be happier." I screeched as I went to kiss him again, he let me. I think he really loves me.  We walked to the front of the bus holding hands the whole way. When we got to the front of the bus the boys started whistling and winking. As if we.. did.. it. Me and Nialler smiled, and sat down next to Harry I sat on Niall's lap.

"SO! You guys are official?" Harry asked.

"Yeeep!!" Niall Said poping the P in yep.

"Ni, can I talk to you in the back please?"

"Sure Haz! Whats Up?"

"Well, I don't want you and Lauren together.. I'm just really protective ever since her dad died, I've been the one in her life, and I don't want her to get hurt.. I'm sorry."

"I would never ever hurt her. In a million years. Shes the one I want to be with. I think I might want to marry her.."

"Woah, Woah, Woah. You guys have been dating for 10 minutes.. Its to early to propose.."

"Hahah! No, not now! But when we are both ready."

"Oh. Well, I guess, go get her tiger." Harry said winking. I just smiled. I will, I thought.

*Authors Notee!*

Sorry to interrupt again! Just wanted to see how your liking it! Should I continue.?  I lovee wrighting this! Don't forget! I need Harrys girlfrieeend!

Love Yaa Lovelies! <33

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