Something Called Fate

Lauren Styles, Harry cousin gets invited by Harry and the boys to go on tour with them! How could she say no! Will she fall for them, or will the whole tour be one big mess? Read to find out!!

( This is my very first fan fiction! )


14. Cheater Cheater..

"Babe! Come here! I found the perfect apartment! The babies will get a room to, so no more sharing with them!"

"That looks perfect! Pretty spacy to! Lets get it!"

"Babe, we haven't even seen it yet!"
"Babe." He said in a mocking tone. "We have pictures right here.."

"We have to see whats around it!"


I hear Darcy start to cry. Uhhhg. Having two babies at once is hard..

                                                        ~*Flash Back*~


"Yeah Lauren"

"What are you doing?"

"Babe. I can explain!"

"Don't. Take that slut with you and let the door kick you on your way out.."

Louis cheated on me.. in the hospital that I almost died in. That our, NO. MY kids were just born in. "Oh and Louis."


"Heres your ring. You wont be seeing Darcy and David."

                                                           ~*End of flash back*~

I remember crying and crying and crying, then Niall ran in because he somehow heard me.. I was the one there, I remember. That's how were together today. And I say he is the father of my kids. I guess its a little something called fate.. I don't know but I love it.


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