Something Called Fate

Lauren Styles, Harry cousin gets invited by Harry and the boys to go on tour with them! How could she say no! Will she fall for them, or will the whole tour be one big mess? Read to find out!!

( This is my very first fan fiction! )


9. ~*Authors Note!*~ Devistation.

Okay, so I had a whole chapter all typed up, and it was like long and stuff, and BOOM my computer died before I could save it!

So I am going to sum it up!

Lauren finds out she is having twins, a boy and a girl. she thinks Louis doesn't love her more he says he does and then her ex Isaac Miller shows up and Lauren hears a POP and then he runs off. That's how it stopped, uhmm. Sorry I did this! I really amm!




Louis POV:

"AVERY!" I screamed

"LAUREN! Call 911 now!" I yelled.

"Okay." Lauren was at this point balling.

"911 whats your emergency?"

"HELP! We need you here now. My daughter she has been shot. in her arm. My ex boyfriend came to my house aiming for my husband (Oh yeah, if forgot to tell you they got married!) he shot her and ran."

"whats your address mam?"

"Uhhm its a new house. I don't know, can you track it?"

"We will do our best"

"HURRY!" I screamed as Lauren started to hang up. I wrapped Avery's arm in my shirt as tight as I could to stop the bleeding from going as fast. "Lauren! Are they coming?" "Yes Babe" How could she be so calm. Maybe she is freaking out on the inside, and staying calm for Avery. I should do that to.

"Your hand fits in mine like its made, just for me" I whispered and sang into Avery's ear, she was starting to get really pale. "But bear this in mind, it was ment to be" Almost like Fate. "And I'm joining up dots with the freckles on your cheeks, and It all makes since to me." Just as I finished singing that line the paramedics rushed in the door and pushed me out of the was as they attempt to save my daughters life. "Sir, what happened?" I couldn't talk I was staring blankly at my wife. The love of my life. And my beautiful daughter. As I did that I lost it. I started to cry.  Avery started to fall asleep. I ran up to her and started to sing Truly Madly Deeply and as I did she started to wake up. "Daddy.. I am going to be okay. God is going to save me. Hes waiting for me. I can see him. I want to go daddy. I love you and mommy, but God wants me now. He says its time.." I started to cry, all this coming from my 2 year old daughter. " Okay baby, you do what you need to do. Me and mommy will never EVER forget you. We love you to death baby. You go, go and be happy alright." Then Lauren Came Over. "Avery stay with us baby, every thing will be okay." "No mommy I need to go. God wants me now. He loves me and will take care of me. And you and daddy I love you mommy." "Oh Baby I love you to, you go, go and be with God, I love you SO much. Nobody will ever replace you." She moved her free arm to Laurens belly. "Good bye Darcy Anne. Bye bye David. I love you guys and will see you in Heaven one day." "Baby, Whos Darcy and David?" Lauren cried" "Mommy, its your you "babies"Avery smiled. Lauren and I started crying. "Mommy, daddy. Don't cry you will see me again one day!"

Laurens POV

I cant believe this is happing. Avery is saying all of this. She is only two. How? She says she sees God. She says he is saying its time for her to go. The paramedics hear it all and are crying and backing away from Avery. They put her on the stretcher, and as they do that, God takes his little angle home with him. They cover her body with a white sheet and take her. "WAIT!" I yell. "Where are you taking her?" "We have to investigate Ma'm" "No. I want her to have a normal funeral. No investigating her dead body. Ask me questions I will answer them all. But not her. HELL NO!"  "Okay"

~*One Week Later*~

Niall is taking this really hard. I'm so glad I let him see her. Harry and Liam haven't been out of bed all week. They were the closet to her out of the boys, other than Louis. The babies names have been decided. Harry was more than happy to give away the name he was going to give his first daughter. I told him to still name her that, in remembrance of Avery. Oh Avery. I missed her so so much. My baby girl. Tears stung my eyes thinking about her.

~*Averys Funeral*~


"Yes darling?"

"Don't call me that. LEAVE.!"

"I cant attened my daughters funeral?"

"She is NOT your daughter. She is mine. Not GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

"Babe! Lets just go sit down" Louis said.

"No, not until she leaves. She can not come and show up now that Averys dead!"
"Lauren let me be here for you. I am so sorry for leaving you with that miserable piece of shit Avery, and now I am here to take the responsibility away from you."

"She is not nor was a piece of shit. She was beautiful. She was perfect she was MY daughter after YOU left her with me. I am still so happy you did, because she is MY baby. MY princess."

"You are so nieve. She was just holing you back from reaching your full potential. She was a no body. She was a nothing.."

"YOU STOP RIGHT THERE. SHE WAS MY EVERYTHING!!" Louis screamed. As security came over and dragged my mom out of here.

I just grabbed Louis's collar and pulled him in for a hug and cried into his shirt, and cried and cried and cried. I cried until we got home from the horrible day.


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