Nobody Compares

Adelaide is a sixteen year old Australian that has been through a lot in her life. She's been bullied for being the only Australian in her American school, and beaten by her drunken father. Singing is her only escape. She's been spotted on YouTube by Simon Cowell. Adelaide is forced to go on tour and live with One Direction for the full year. Adelaide isn't happy about going on tour with the famous boyband, but she soon develops a crush on the flirty frontman Harry Styles. But why would Harry love her?


2. Gates Of Hell

I took one last look at myself in the mirror before putting my hair down and ruffling the curls in hairspray. I hummed my new single as I grabbed an apple and my backpack and left. I was dreading going to school. I actually thought about skipping today, since my mom goes to work very early. She puts me in charge in the morning, I do skip at times. And today is the day I really don't want to go. But I have to. My dad and mom are divorced thank god, my dad abuses me. But my mom found out, so she doesn't send me to my dad's for the weekend anymore. But sometimes when my mom isn't home, he'll sneak in my house and abuse me. It's terrible.

I walked along the sidewalk. It's May, and school's almost over, thank god. After finishing my apple, I threw the core in a nearby yard and made my way into the school. I tried to slip away without anyone noticing me, but that didn't help much because a few of the beefy, conceited jocks came over and pushed me into a garbage can. I was headfirst in it and my legs were trying to wiggle out of the can. The jocks laughed at me and pulled me out by my legs. The dropped me on the hard floor and laughed even more. 

"Aww, Is the wittle Aussie girl scared? Aww." One of the jocks, Tyler said.

"Look at her! She's crying!" The school female bitch, Ashley giggled. I whipped away my tears as quick as I could and tried to escape the gates of hell I was trapped by. Everyone was laughing at me..

"You know what Australian girl... I don't like you. And neither does anybody else. So go die now. Nobody likes you. Nobody wants you here." Ashley was face to face with me. I was trembling vigorously and my eyes were bloodshot. If only she knew that I box every day, I would kick her little fake ass in an instant.

"Leave me alone." I muttered. The jocks and the popular girls all gasped sarcastically.

"And what are you going to do about it? Call your mommy to come pick you up?" A jock, Danny said.

"Cry in the bathroom like you always do?" Another jock, Mitchell said.

"Guys stop! Look at her face!" Ashley pointed to me.

"You know what Ashley, I'm stronger than you think I am." I balled up my fists.

"Oh really now? I bet you can't even punch a wall! You're a twig!" Danny said. Everybody laughed.

"You want a bet?" I walk towards Danny and Ashley. Danny picked me up by my shirt. 

"Let... me... go." I punched him square in the jaw and he let me go. Ashley was in shock.

"That was nothing! He probably didn't even feel it! Right, Danny?" She said.

"Uh, Yeah." Danny chuckled nervously.

"Do you wanna see for yourself?" I ask. I punch her right in the face as she falls right to the floor. "That's what you deserve, you bitch."

I kneel down to look at Ashley. "And by the way, My name is Adelaide." Then I smack her and walk away.

Everyone is in shock as I find my only best friend standing across the hall, Sage.

"That was epic!" Sage said, giving me a high five. "I didn't know you could punch like that!"

"I took boxing lessons when I was twelve. I guess they paid off!" I chuckled and we headed off to our lockers. Did I mention our lockers are right next to each other? That's how we met actually. Now we're best of friends.

I punch in my combination and open my locker to grab my books.

"You should come over after school so we can talk about your new single!" She squealed.

"I should! I actually talked to Simon Cowell! How awesome is that? We recorded my single there and it comes out on iTunes in a day!" I jump up and down. Ashley and her boyfriend Tyler walk by. Ashley has a bruise on her chin. I grin at her and flash her the finger. Sage and I laugh as we head to class. We have history together at 1st period. I slam my locker shut and head to class.

After a few more classes, it was time for lunch. I find Sage and we sit at our normal table, by the trash cans... Ashley and her friends sit across from us. It's almost like Mean Girls, there's different tables for every person. The Plastics, which is Ashley and her friends. The jocks, Art freaks, girls who eat their feelings, and all that. That's what my school in Virginia is like.

As Sage and I get our lunch, Tyler trips me and I land flat on my face. "Watch where you're going, you ugly twit!" He shouts, making the lunchroom silent and laughing at me.

"How pathetic! She's such a loser. I really hope she dies. That would make life a lot easier!" Ashley said, Pushing me down. I couldn't fight now. Ashley and Tyler had me trapped again. And Sage couldn't get me out of it. They kicked me in the stomach a few times, and I felt helpless. I finally got up and they stopped kicking me.

"You're so fat and ugly.. You deserve to die." Ashley's friend Regina said.

Ashley giggled and Tyler laughed. "I agree. She's such a waste of space! I mean, look at her. She's such as prostitute!"

"You're calling her the prostitute!? Look at yourself, Ashley! You wear a thong everyday and your boobs are so fake, Barbie is fucking jealous! So take a look in the mirror, moron cause I swear to god Adelaide isn't the fake prostitute!" Sage said. I looked at her in amazement. She just stood up for me. And that never happens. 

Ashley was taken by surprise. "Atleast I'm not fat like you losers. Ha!" She snickered.

"At least we're not prostitutes like you!" Sage said. 

"Look at Australian girl! She's so fat. Let's pray that she dies and we can have a party!" Tyler says. I get up and run out of the lunch room.

I hope they regret all of this when I'm famous. They're going to sit at home listening to my album saying "This is the girl I bullied, all rich and famous now..."

My school is like being in the gates of hell.


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