Nobody Compares

Adelaide is a sixteen year old Australian that has been through a lot in her life. She's been bullied for being the only Australian in her American school, and beaten by her drunken father. Singing is her only escape. She's been spotted on YouTube by Simon Cowell. Adelaide is forced to go on tour and live with One Direction for the full year. Adelaide isn't happy about going on tour with the famous boyband, but she soon develops a crush on the flirty frontman Harry Styles. But why would Harry love her?


1. Simon's Office

"Adelaide James to Simon Cowell's office." The intercom boomed while I waited patiently in the waiting room. Several business men sat there on iPad's and laptops. I walked up and fixed my beanie. Walking up several stairs since the elevators weren't working, I had to walk up six flights of stairs. 

I was in the Syco building, Simon Cowell's record label. I was spotted by Simon around a month ago on YouTube singing my latest hit cover "Little Things" by One Direction. Simon spotted me and just like Justin Bieber, called my mother. Now, I have to come here. It's my fifth visit this month with Simon, We're recording a single. He's helping me with a few lyrics, although I can do it all myself. Just me and my 5,000 dollar Taylor acoustic guitar. That's right. Taylor Guitars. I could never afford one, but once I got discovered, Simon gave my family thousands of dollars. My mum was more than happy.

I lived in Melbourne, Australia. Well, for a little while. I was born there. I moved to America at age 10 and lived there up until age 15. I was tortured at my American school in Virginia for being the only "Aussie" there. People would push me around until I lost grip, and broke down crying. My mother almost set me up for online classes, or sent me to live with my aunt again in Melbourne. But I refused. Even if I didn't bother anyone, they would come after me. Spill my lunch on me, throw my school books everywhere, kick me in the courtyard. Typical, everyday stuff. 

I got my name from my Australian Ancestors. My great-great-great-great grandfather was Australian. And everyone in my family is an Aussie. 


I finally got to the right floor and stood in front of the door. The little piece of metal on top said "Cowell, Simon." I sighed and turned the door handle. Simon was on the phone.

"Well, What do you mean you can't get it in today?" He argued in his sharp, British accent.

He noticed me and put his pointer finger up saying 'Just a moment'. I awkwardly sat in one of Simon's black leather couches in the corner and wait for him to finish. I take off my red and white varsity jacket and take out my song book and a pen.

"Okay, fine. But get it in tomorrow three o'clock sharp. I'm already aggravated and impatient as it is." Simon said, calmer this time.

"Yeah... Bye." He slammed his phone down and shook his head at me. "Boybands..." He shook his head again.

I chuckled nervously. "What about them?"

"They irritate me sometimes, but you gotta love them right?" Simon chuckled and moved his spinny chair over to me. 

"So... Did you think of any more song lyrics? I know you've been having a hard time lately with family issues."

"Nah. I got help from my mum." I shoved the book in his face.

"Well! This is very impressive, Adelaide. Come on now to my studio and let's get working on your new single! Oh, and you're now signed to Syco records!" He cheered. I jumped up and down as we walked down the many flights of stairs. 

"I really need to get my elevators fixed. I sure am tired of walking down all these stairs." Simon says. We enter a dark room. Simon flicks on the lights, and I stare in awe at the sight. There's a mini studio, The walls made of fiber glass. It was soundproof, but only if you were wearing headphones you'd hear it. Simon's recording board thing sat right next to it. There had to be hundreds of keys on it. 

"Now now, Adelaide... Don't go touching equipment just yet. I need to teach you first. But, I'd like you to go into the room to start recording. We'll do a sound check once you're all settled." Simon said. I nodded and entered the room with glass surrounding it. I'm in the Syco studio, One Direction was in here... One Direction... ugh. .

"Alright start singing." Simon's microphone echoed through my headphones. I started singing my soon to be number one hit single. 

After I finished, I walked out of Syco Records feeling proud of myself. But I'm dreading tomorrow. It's Monday. And I have to go back to that school. But I'm not afraid, I'm gonna be the next Demi Lovato, You wait and see. 

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